A Letter to You


Dear {Insert Your Name Here}

Are you well? Are you happy? Are you living the very best life that you can live? Being the very best possible version of you that you know how to be?

If the answer to any of those questions is no, please change something. Anything. Change it now, right this very minute. You might not get another chance. That sounds morbid and I suppose it is but it’s also not outside the realms of possibility.

I lost a friend last week in the most gut wrenching irony: during childbirth (C U Next Tuesday universe). Her story is not mine to tell and this is not the place to tell it and so all I have for you are the strongest urges you’ve ever been urged to make the very most of every minute and to squeeze every last drop of joy from your little existence.  Life is short and it’s cruel and it’s unpredictable – don’t let it get you before you’ve conquered it.

In what I’m sure is a standard response to death, I’ve done a whole lot of soul searching over the last few days amidst the almost suffocating sadness felt for my friend and the boys she had to leave behind far far too soon.  I can do better at being happy: getting less angry about the little things, letting go of shite from the past, carpe diemming all over the place. The narcissist in me believes I owe it to myself (I think).

The friend in me owes it to S who, at breakfast just a fortnight ago, was sweet and smiley and excited and making plans and living the life that she had chosen for herself.

You also owe it to yourself. Be happy folks because if you’re not, what is the point?


M x

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