A Super Simple Snood

Life Outside London - DIY Snood

What feels like a lifetime ago, in life BBM* whilst perusing the interwebs for the husbands’ birthday treats I found some bargainous Big Softie wool in this camel-y colour on Amazon and decided it could be a little treat for me. I miss the days when treats for me were shoes and wine rather than wool and things from Go Outdoors but let’s not dwell. Actually Go Outdoors would be a treat, it’s more Pets At Home. For shame.
Life Outside London - DIY Snood

I turned the Big Softie into a little snood for later in the year. Yes it’s a bit weird to be making snoods in Summer but I’m a notorious cast-on-and-ditch-it type so I figured if I started now I’d have some chance of picking it up again before winter. Well SURPRISE I’m finished. And that was with losing a set of knitting needles to Pete and moving all the things to the new house. 

Life Outside London - DIY Snood

I’m a fairly vocal dissenter of doing anything purely for the blog but I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t spurred on by wanting to show you all my handiwork. It proved to be the best way to procrastinate over finishing R’s huge crocheted blanket/be in denial about box packing too.

Life Outside London - DIY Snood

Life Outside London - DIY Snood
It’s not going to win any design awards but it’s cosy and neutral and the wool – I have real problems with the word ‘yarn’, not sure why – is just so damn soft.

Life Outside London - DIY Snood
If you fancy making one it’s in moss stitch which, if you cast on an even number of stitches, is knit one, purl one on the first row and purl one, knit one on the second row and alternate the two rows until it’s as long as you want it. 

Buuuut if you cast on an odd number of stitches you can just start each row with a knit stitch and watch Orange is the New Black or read a book at the same time.

I started with 27 stitches and made mine long and wide enough that it just wraps around my weeny neck once. After casting off, I twisted the flat rectangle I was left with once for a bit of interest and crocheted the ends together with the Penis Hook(TM).

It only took three of the six balls of Big Softie (using 10mm needles) so there’s a bit left over for some wrist warmers to go with it or perhaps a matching snood for the husband. So. Very. Tempting. If only for the look on his face when I whip it out and hand it over.

Life Outside London - DIY Snood

Whaddya think? Are you a knitter? I find it to be the most therapeutic thing when I have the time.

Whilst we’re here, thank you all so much too for your sweet and thoughtful ‘happy new home’ messages, I love all of your faces very much.
*Before Big Move

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