A Tale of Cake and Happiness and a Guy Called Ben

Victoria Sponge

Twas the night before 2016, when all through the house…the woman was frantically roasting a beef and necking red wine like it was 1999 as her husband faffed about elsewhere making a playlist for the grown up dinner party or something. ‘Oi’ he hollered from the sofa ‘what are they bringing for pudding?’ Because you know that’s how adulting works – if I’m roasting a beef I ain’t making pudding too.

A few texts later and the ‘guests’ (hi Ma!) were not giving up their ‘joke’ about the protein pancakes. Protein. Pancakes. Like real pancakes in absolutely no way and full of protein powder. I was not about to see out 2015 with a glass of prosecco and a face full of whey powder, it was time for plan B which really was plan A because: protein. pancakes. Those are not a plan, those are a cruel and unusual punishment.

Husband vaguely recalled someone telling him about Ben’s Bakes: surprisingly a Facebook page run by a chap called Ben. Who bakes. And then delivers cake TO YOUR FRONT DOOR.

I know, I know, so many questions: is it for real? It did sound a bit like a dream I once had (and also like an episode of Secret Diary of a Call Girl I watched a long long time ago involving a splosher. Sploshing sounds fun). Could he really be delivering on New Years’ Eve? Can we afford this luxury? I mean, we want the kitchen doing some time this year and a bit of grown up work to the driveway, could we stretch to cake-to-the-door on top of that?

Facebook provided some pretty swift answers – definitely real, definitely delivering and definitely affordable. Breathe Michelle.

With a belly full of skepticism and a bit more red wine I hovered anxiously behind the front door. He’s going to show up right? What if he doesn’t show up and I have to eat weird un-pancakes? I will hunt Ben down and shove the pancakes down his throat. I wish I’d thought less violent things but I didn’t, deal with it.

Precisely when he said he would, Ben rang the bell, chucked three boxes of cakes at us, took our tenner, resisted our over excited attempts at chat and ran for it. Our GIVE US CAKE faces are something quite special to behold.

Three bits each of Victoria Sponge, Banoffee cake and Chocolate Orange brownie slice thingumies. They passed the taste test with flying colours. They also passed the all important cake for breakfast on New Years’ Day test.IMG_5819

If you live near me buy cake from Ben. A bit because it’s the best business idea I’ve heard in a while and a lot because he gives really really good cake. Find Ben’s Bakes on Facebook for all your forgotten birthday, office lull and period sugar craving needs. If you live far far away from me set up your own mobile cake delivery service, seriously, the world would be a much better place if there were more people delivering cake to your front door.

Have you ever heard of such a thing? Would you buy cake from a stranger over the internet? Have you been inspired to turn your Fiat 500 into a mobile bakery? Say yes.

This post was in no way sponsored by Ben or his bakes, just a happy happy accident that everyone should know about. Although this seems like a good time to disclose that I will do pretty much anything you want in return for a good bit of cake. 

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  • This is seriously so awesome! I wish I lived near you 😍

    Love, Eline

  • Charlie Elliott

    I mean, protein pancakes? For dessert? Stop it. Immediately.

  • Hold on a minute. Are you seriously telling me that you had cake… delivered… right to your door?! What?? I need to find out if there is someone who does that in Glasgow. Then again, maybe not. I don’t want to end up the size of a house…

  • I love the fact that Ben exists, it makes me feel joyous inside to know that he is providing cake happiness to people’s doorsteps. What makes me sad inside is that I don’t live closer so I can have Ben bakes cakes delivered. x

  • I need someone like Ben where I live! I genuinely always say that someone needs to set up a cake delivery service where I live because I would use it all the time!
    (Also hi, I don’t know if you’ll remember me & my blog from a long while ago!)

    Emma x
    Em Says

  • Kerri

    Good old Ben. I don’t have a Ben in my life. My life feels pretty incomplete now.

  • How cool! I WISH i knew someone that just baked me a cake and showed up at my doorstep with it! What a great service, so glad it saved you from those un-pancakes 😉
    xx Kenzie

  • Katie

    ohmygodohmygodohmygod. If Ben doesn’t deliver as far as Brighton I am MOVING. Moving, I tell you xxx

  • Rachel Foster

    I’ve spent way too much time Googling and no one does this near me; such a missed opportunity! I wish Ben well, he has a fantastic concept.

  • Bethan

    This is such a good idea! I’m not sure he’d deliver to my house though! More cake delivery services need to exist! x


  • Saskia

    That’s such a brilliant idea! I’d love to just open my front door and get a slice of cake when I like – ultimate sugar addicts dream!

    Saskia / girlinbrogues.com

  • Beccy

    Protein pancakes? Protein pancakes? What kind of fresh hell is this? In other news, Ben sounds like a marvelous person – thank goodness for him and his delicious cakes.

  • oh my goodness, what an idea. if I could somehow blend it with calligraphy and writing I think that is a career made. yet another reason, as if there needed to be more, that you win the competition of best place to live. x

  • Lisa and Stella

    I daren’t look to see if there’s Ben Bakes type shenanigans happening near me because I’m doing really well on my weight loss and fitness and I think we all know what will happen if I can get cake delivered to my door. What a tremendously better thing than not-pancakes! 🙂 xox