jeans7Hello I’m Michelle, I look like that ^^

I live beside the seaside (beside the sea) in Devon with a husband, step-teens who are not as bad as you’d think and Pete and Betty, a couple of ridiculous spaniels. I’ve been described as ‘the angriest woman that ever lived’ by the husband. When not refreshing the blog for new comments I can be found up to my eyeballs in mud, weeping whilst a spaniel points and laughs or working. Hard.

Welcome. Stick around if rage with a sea view is your thing.

Some things I love: Devon, eating, laughing,  laughing at inappropriate things, masking any serious emotions with said laughter, my husband, the rest of my little family, dogs (all dogs. Any dogs. Give me dogs), cheese, wine, France, Michael Keaton, potato salad, sarcasm, Monty Python, animals with human names, getting lost in a book, cake, Nandos (sorry), crap American TV shows, Bill Murray, the word ‘mulch’, fairly mainstream mundane music and writing stuff.

Some things I do not love: mushrooms, mussels (taste like snot), whinging, being late, Jerry Springer and all who sail in him, the words ‘moist’ and ‘damp’, unexpected physical contact – I’m not, repeat not, a hugger and this recurring dream that I have about a creepy old witch (warts and all) chasing me past my house and I just cannot get in the front door.

Send me an email or virtually stalk me. Up to you my friend.