Wonderful Wednesday Twenty Seven

I’m Michelle: occasional writer, guilty feminist, hyphen-aholic, spreadsheet wrangler and dog botherer.

After a few years doing the London Thing, I now live a life of two halves in deepest Devon. By day a reluctant suit wearer, by night it’s wellies, offensively mucky jeans and making the absolute most of this beautiful little corner of the world.

‘Life Outside London’ is where it all seamlessly comes together. Probably.

If you’re looking for a place where you can vicariously hang out beside the seaside one day and find some words of wisdom on killing it in your professional life the next, then this might be it. I solemnly swear never to use the word ‘girlboss’.

You’ll also find sporadic witterings, the occasional book review and a whole lot of Devon loving.  It’s basically our little life…outside London. Boom.

I hope you find something you like.

What others have said:

‘This is a really good blog’. My Mum

‘What are you…did you get distracted again?’ My Husband