I do love Instagram but I’m almost certain I’m not using it right – they’re not my best photos or my most accomplished compositions and they don’t even follow a theme. Imagine.

But they are glorious, honest little snapshots into my world. Here’s what that world looked during April.

April Instagram

Top Row l-r
1) I got slightly crafty over the Easter weekend filling photo frames. Not much makes a house feel like a home quite like photos of your face all over the place.
2) This tree thought it was still Autumn. But it looked pretty and we all know how much clout looking pretty has over actually being right. That sounded a bit bitter didn’t it? About leaves. There’s a land called Passive Aggressiva, I am their queen.
3) If you don’t know the tale of the new pyjamas yet I suggest you familiarise yourself. It’ll make you feel better about your life.

Middle l-r
1) Husband snapped a photo that sums up my life and the whole writing process thing. Right down to the homicidal spaniel.
2) Pete felt left out.
3) Betty had The Op and felt sorry for herself for a day. Then I fashioned her this bad ass protective shirt and she got over it. What really happened was that the t-shirt was supposed to stop her licking the incision, I spent ages cutting up this shirt to fit her and cover the relevant bits, I tied it onto her and Pete stuck his head through the side and started licking the incision. These dogs have no existential crises, their *entire* purpose in life is to make me look a complete knob at any given moment.

Bottom l-r
1) I crocheted in the garden and drank from THE RIGHT MUG. High five.
2) Pete didn’t feel so left out when he realised it was Spring.
3) Those beautiful clear days that we had in April made some unbelievably glorious sunsets. I do love a sunset.

May will bring with it another week off (I KNOW!!) and a few cheeky nights away, two more bank holidays and our 8th wedding anniversary. You’re right, indeed I don’t look old enough.

How was your April? And what does your May have in store? Maybe some colouring in? All the cool kids are at it.

Join me on Instagram if you fancy. It’s all spaniels and sunsets.


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  • reneejessome

    Your dogs are so adorable! & that tree is beautiful! If I weren’t so happy summer was on the way I might actually start missing the fall a bit!

    Renee | Lose The Road

  • Rosie McKay

    I think the best instagram feeds are the ones which are hotch potch!




  • Loving the Grey’s Anatomy reference, that was a massive blast from the past – I realised the other day that I’ve been watching it for a decade, which was actually a bit scary… x

  • Kerri

    What’s the real state like at Passive Aggresiva land? Do you think I can afford a mortgage on my measly student wages?

  • They are kind of awesome those mutts, they have so very much of my soul wrapped up in their furry little existence.
    I can never decide on a favourite season, they all have their own beauty. My favourite is maybe the one we’re in right now!
    M x

  • Haha, thank goodness for that! I most definitely fulfill that requirement.
    M x

  • I know right? One of the first things husband and I started to watch together…forever ago!!
    Are you up to date with the latest? Shall we shed a tear together?
    M x

  • Yep, all are welcome. The only specification is a latent rage.
    M x

  • Yes! I’m not sure I’ll ever get over it…oh Derek… x

  • Lisa and Stella

    Huge congratulations on drinking out of the right mug, I mean your wedding anniversary! You know what else, I <3 your instagrams, (well, Pete & Betty's mostly, obviously) when I get 5 minutes to browse – proper instagrams are real life not perfect compositions from proper cameras! 🙂 xox