And That Was August

Now that September is here and people are wailing and throwing themselves roughly to the floor and counting down to Christmas (NB if you say the C word to me any time before November 30th I will have to pound on you a little), it’s as good a time as any to look back at August through the equally pithy mediums of little photos and little letters.

March Insta


Dear The Walking Dead, I love you a little but when I’ve watched you in bed at night and allowed the dogs to sleep up there with me because the husband is away and one of the dogs has a growly dream? That shit is NOT cool.

Dear K, eating roast chicken and watching Cinderella with you on a rainy August Sunday afternoon was swell. Let’s do that more.

Dear Devon, you are just B-E-A-Utiful. Always.

Dear scary recurring childhood dream in which I’m being chased by a terrifying old cartoon witch, why did you rear your head this week? What’s that all about? I’ve enjoyed not seeing you for 25 years, be gone please and thank you.

Dear curry that I scoffed whilst home alone, you were my absolute favourite. The joy of cramming a full garlic naan into my face without the husband sitting horrified by my side was beyond compare and I’m very grateful to you.

Dear husband, you were missed this weekend. Except for the curry time.

Dear my own little brain (mistyped that as ‘Brian’, I confirm that I am not in possession of a wee fellow called Brian), sometimes it’s ok for you to just switch off and relax. Take a load off. You don’t have to think all of the things all of the time.

And some favourites from Blogland this month: 

Kerri made her first (maybe only ever) YouTube video. She’s swell, it’s swell. Go watch it.

Baker turned three. Danielle and Baker are our definite doggy best friends.

Tasha took yet more lovely photos of everything.

Katy’s plotting her rebrand.

Michelle looked fabulous. Repeatedly.

Saskia confessed that she doesn’t like toast…but was forgiven by making this beaut.

How was your August?

Saturday Snapshot Nineteen
Saturday Snapshot Eighteen
  • I agree with you on the C-Word thing. Excuse me, it is September. You have three months left! Lovely photos and a great post, I always enjoy seeing which bloggers others have been enjoying.

  • Saskia

    Yayy! Thanks for including me and the only bread I’ve ever loved. Bring on September.

    Saskia /

  • sounds like a lovely august, although I seem to have mainly taken away the roast chicken and the curry. It would perhaps be easier if I had a little man called Brian to do all of the thinking instead, hope you find the off-switch (or even just snooze!) xx

  • Katie

    Did you kiss your receipt? Please explain. And I’m totally with you about the C word. Anyone who dares utter it in front of me before my favourite holiday has passed (Halloween, don’tchaknow) is running the risk of me retaliating with my favourite all-year-round C word…. xxx

  • Kerri

    Even November 30th is a push, maybe mention it around December 10th… just to remind me I need to send cards out. So far so good on the “C-word related things in the shops”… I reckon we’ve still got a few weeks here, they usually hold off until after Halloween.

    Thanks for sharing my awful video too.

  • Flo

    I loved this post, especially the Brian part. It made me chuckle!

  • Thanks Megan, it’s been a busy busy few weeks!
    And i reserve the right to inflict physical pain on anyone who says the C word. The world has been warned.
    M x

  • Ha, I’ve had dreams about that bread. No lie.
    M x

  • I think I might be onto something *frantically hunts for a teeny tiny Brian*
    Snooze still eludes me, ever hopeful though.
    M x

  • Yes, I really should have explained that! And I used it to blot my lipstick* whilst running late. Multi-tasking or something.
    *Wrote lippie in here. Realised I’m not a ‘lippie’ kind of woman. Deleted it.
    M x

  • I heart your video. And your face.
    And yes, C-Word will be postponed til Dec 10th. Maybe even C-Word Eve – which is when I had all of my presents delivered last year.

  • Thanks Flo, it was no word of a lie!
    M x