BEDN 4 Eight Photos Of Happiness

Today’s post fits with the prompt of the day. It’s taken me four days to get here folks but here I am, cooking on gas, following the prompts like a real functioning adult. High five? Anyone? ANYONE?

I spied this tag on the harbinger-of-tag-doom-Kerri’s blog an age ago and liked it. I’ve been biding my time (I saw Spectre at the weekend and am subsequently feeling all spy-ish about things). Watching. Waiting. For the perfect opportunity to crack out my own photos of happiness. That time is now. On this fourth day of blogging every day in November which so far I appear to be semi-nailing: nailing because four days, four posts and semi because of the aforementioned theme deviation.

Enough jibber jabber, here are 8 things that make me happy in photo form.

1) Being beside the seaside makes me happy every single day. It’s the mutts proverbials and you should all move here pronto.

happiness12) These tech addicts, they’re alright they are. But particularly the bald one, I do like the bald one.

happiness23) First breakfast in the new house: Croissants and Construction might be the name of my memoir. Maybe just the chapter for last year.

IMG_10134) My first column. It still delights and confuses me that the words I write, complete with over use of parentheses and hyphens and the word vagina, are printed in the actual paper. And *awkward cough* that I won a sexy little award for it this year.

IMG_2772[1]5) Dogs make me the most happy. Both regular and hot.

happiness36) Books in the sunshine are good for my soul. And an abundance of tea in an M mug for all the happiness. And also because I do blogging an initial mug is the law innit?

IMG_48027) This reminder that I have a real live grown up career. That I was brave enough to leap into it from something totally different and I’m doing a-ok at it. And I’m wearing a suit. A SUIT.


8) And this photo of all photos which fulfils the triple purpose of being my favourite photo of all time (it never ever fails to make me smile), capturing a magnificent pooch photobomb and showing some of my favourite wedding snaps.


And that is my 8 happy things…in roughly four hundred and forty three photos. Which feels like a cheat. What makes you happy? You can tell me below but better still show me a photo, you can do that in Disqus, why don’t more people do that??

Saturday Snapshot Nineteen
  • Anca

    Your pictures are lovely. I had this tag and it was one of the most beautiful posts I wrote (for me anyway), it made me emotional looking back through all those pictures. x

  • Beccy

    Lovely, lovely post and congratulations on your column award! I have to admit that every time you mention living by the sea, I do have very real sea envy. Sadly, there is not a lot of sea in Bucks…

    As for me, what makes me happy, is red wine (and lots of it), shortbread (and lots of it), and tea – yup, and lots of it.

    Beccy ::

  • Stephanie Dreams

    I totally didn’t know you could do that…..

  • Mega lol at that final photo of Pete. And how amazing do you look in your suit?! And YAY for your column!! Congrats lady! x

  • Haha the pic with the dog is the cutest! Love all of these, I want to live by the sea and have dogs. Such life envy!!

  • Kerri

    I didn’t know you could add photos in Disqus until someone did it to my Disqus comments. I shall oblige and send you a photos of my happiness. Finding that place where no one else is and enjoying the silence – and uploading a photo to instagram because I am that person.

  • Anna

    Aaaahhhh, I know what BEDN means now…blog every day November? If I’m not wrong I’m going to be pretty shocked!

    Love the list of things that make you happy. I haven’t been to the seaside in forever! Admittedly I like the idea of the seaside but the wind and sand inbetween my toes, not appealing 🙂 but icecream, mmmmmm! Do they do lemon tops in sunny Devon?

    Congratulations on the new job and your sparkly award! 🙂 You rock a suit very well too! xxx

  • Sam @ohhello

    Ahhh this was a lovely post! I always enjoy reading about what makes me people happy. I really miss living by the seaside x