Behind the Magic

There is an incredibly intricate little process that goes alongside crafting these little witterings you know? They’re not just yanked out of thin air – as hard as that might be to believe. In 18 months of having this weird little corner of the web I’ve perfected my creative space, optimised for productivity.

Blogging Process

Pseudo rat tail entirely optional. Stripes essential

It all starts with a set up much like that above. You’ll note the tri-screen action which is absolutely essential to my process. iPhone to hand for those little procrastinating games of Two Dots (thank Christ that they provide only five free lives at a time). Laptop ready to catch the two minutes of glorious inspiration whenever it rears its head. iPad for the gentle background noise of a crappy 80s Netflix thriller. Or as this photo suggests the 12th episode of Person of Interest of the day. The part-complete crochet in front of me is for when Two Dots just doesn’t provide a sufficient level of distraction.

The observant amongst you might have clocked the empty mug by my side. It’s a slow and tortuous journey to a finished blog post. The P stands for something other than Pete. To buy a mug with my dogs’ initial on would be insane no…?

I’m always accompanied by a spaniel. Perma-Pete we call him.

The actual crafting of a post goes something like this:

Log into WordPress (also log into Twitter, Facebook, Bloglovin and Sainsbury’s).
Type a sentence.
Add some food to my shopping basket.
Delete aforementioned sentence.
Play with spaniel.
Put kettle on.
Read blog posts.
Re-type original sentence. Exactly. As. Was.
Check shopping basket. Decide a meal plan is essential.
Write up meal plan.
Crochet a little.
Play with spaniel.
Update shopping basket.
Decide my OCD won’t permit me to stop in the middle of a row.
Hand cramp. Play Two Dots.
Google hand cramp as a symptom for something terminal.
Delete first sentence. Re-type with one word changed.
Facebook stalk someone. Anyone.
Consider jacking it all in.
Have a burst of energy in which I write an entire blog post in 15 minutes.
Play with spaniel.

Do you have a process? Tell me all about it.
This post is not sponsored by Netflix, Two Dots or spaniels.

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