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Before I got my Kindle and then my Ipad – what?! – I used to be something of a book dealer. I dished out a lot of recommendations and lent a LOT of tomes to almost anyone who would take them. I do love getting completely and utterly lost in a book, so much so that it feels a bit like grief when you finish it and have to say goodbye to the characters and head back into the real world. But for those few hours curled up under a blanket with a steaming mug of tea, delving into a whole other world, it’s the best thing ever.
Ideally somewhere like this:

book nook
Courtesy of author Gail Carriger

The last book I managed to devour was Alone in Berlin by Hans Fallada. It’s a fantastic cat and mouse tale featuring a German couple who lose their son on the front line and start their own very personal resistance against the war. I won’t tell you any more, but you need to read this book – it was tragic and fantastic and inspiring and exciting and so very much more. READ IT.
alone in berlin

I said to myself that I wouldn’t mention the puppies in this post and I won’t, not really. But they are directly responsible for this pile of books I’ve yet to get to reading and therefore to dish out to willing unsuspecting victims.
Where do I start? Which one first? Suggestions gratefully received.
Or feel free to recommend your favourite to me! I’ll add it to my pile and get there, I swear!

A Little Book Review: The Book Thief
  • Hi,
    That might be a perfect book for my friend, he lived in Berlin for a while. Thank you for the recommendation!
    Stephen King’s ‘On Writing’ is really interesting and ‘Everything is Illuminated’ made me laugh and cry at the same time! ‘The Casual Vacancy’ is on my to-read list too.

  • It’s Agatha’s birthday week, so you should totally read The ABC Murders first!! I’m all evangelical about Agatha at the moment…can you tell? 😉

    I thought that when I got my kindle and then iPad mini (twinnies!) that I’d have less books lying around. Not so much. I seem to have everyone else’s books on my bedside table now. I don’t understand it… I do buy the occasional cookbook as they’re much nicer to handle than read on the iPad.

  • Ooh thanks for the tip! Looking for a new book for holidays next week, perfect. I’ve really enjoyed the following this year:
    – The Art of Fielding
    – Gone Girl
    – And the Mountains Echoed
    – Lean In
    – The Fault in our Stars
    – Burnt Shadows

    Enjoy! x

  • Really looking forward to Everything is Illuminated, it was a Chrimbo present I haven’t yet got round to diving into.
    Alone in Berlin is fab, I’d recommend it to anyone, anywhere, any time!
    M x

  • Ha, there are worse things to be evangelical about Ang! Of course, you’re right, Agatha it is.
    And yep, know exactly what you mean about the pile of books, mine never diminishes no matter what I do. Makes the place feel homely I guess.
    M x

  • Oh ta very much C :o)
    I bought The Fault in our Stars for my step-daughter at Christmas. Am now sneaking off to pinch it back! #stepmomwin
    M x

  • Oh ta very much C :o)
    I bought The Fault in our Stars for my step-daughter at Christmas. Am now sneaking off to pinch it back! #stepmomwin
    M x