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Before I got my Kindle and then my Ipad – what?! – I used to be something of a book dealer. I dished out a lot of recommendations and lent a LOT of tomes to almost anyone who would take them. I do love getting completely and utterly lost in a book, so much so that it feels a bit like grief when you finish it and have to say goodbye to the characters and head back into the real world. But for those few hours curled up under a blanket with a steaming mug of tea, delving into a whole other world, it’s the best thing ever.
Ideally somewhere like this:

book nook
Courtesy of author Gail Carriger

The last book I managed to devour was Alone in Berlin by Hans Fallada. It’s a fantastic cat and mouse tale featuring a German couple who lose their son on the front line and start their own very personal resistance against the war. I won’t tell you any more, but you need to read this book – it was tragic and fantastic and inspiring and exciting and so very much more. READ IT.
alone in berlin

I said to myself that I wouldn’t mention the puppies in this post and I won’t, not really. But they are directly responsible for this pile of books I’ve yet to get to reading and therefore to dish out to willing unsuspecting victims.
Where do I start? Which one first? Suggestions gratefully received.
Or feel free to recommend your favourite to me! I’ll add it to my pile and get there, I swear!

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