Saturday Snapshot – The Revival

Saturday SnapshotI’m bringing back the Saturday Snapshot. Yep, been here before but I do like the idea of getting to the end of the year with a record of how I spent my precious weekends. It’s all part of trying to live a bit more deliberately, trying to make the most of every second of free time I get. Except for those days when only a Netflix binge and stuffing  cheese in my face will do, although if that’s what I need in that moment, it’s an equally valid way to pass the time. No, YOU’RE protesting too much.

After the first week back in the work routine we all blew off some steam at the beach this morning, mooching in an out of rock pools and scaring the hell out the seagulls.  Because that is life. Then home for soup making and whiling away the afternoon with a book and tea on tap. These little moments of intentional domestic mundanity aree some of my favourites.

What are you doing with your Saturday?


Instagram: Doing It Right



So…I fear I may have click baited. I’m not an Insta-guru (shocker) and I don’t really think there’s a ‘doing it right’, there’s just doing you and it’s all good.

But before I knew about pensions and tax and stuff, I knew a bit about social and a authentic marketing (I know, ME!) I’ve started taking Instagram a tiny bit more seriously lately and have really seen a difference in my engagement levels. I don’t take stunning pictures but I’ve upped my game a bit in other ways. So, yep. These are the only pearls of wisdom I have. View Post


Saturday Snapshot Five

Saturday Snapshot Five

No, YOU forgot to put the poo bags further out of shot. It’s really friggin hard to be pretentious with these hounds around.

Merry Saturday to you. This week has been long and hard (that’s what she said) so this morning I’ve been restoring my soul through the holy trinity of chai lattes, chatters with friends and dancing around the kitchen to Mariah Carey, no regrets. But before that, the obligatory beach walk with my favourites because the sea wins, always.

And you and Saturday?  How’re you recovering from the week that was?


Saturday Snapshot Four

Saturday Snapshot 4That’s twice this week that the sun has stuck his hat on and rendered all Instagram filters utterly useless: not unlike Teletubby Land (without the TERRIFYING baby) or somewhere Bilbo and Frodo might hang their hats. Twice that I’ve been on my own wandering adventures trying to take pictures of early crocuses and daffs and snowdrops. Spoiler: there are none because every time I bent down to get a cheeky picture to stick on Instagram with a witty caption along the lines of ‘It’s ALLLLLLIIIIIIIVVVVVVEEEEEE!’ the spaniels took that as in invitation to wrestle me violently into the mud. They ruin all my friggin fun.

Still, sunshine and having to hot wash all of my earlthy posessions has been the best way to procrastinate myself through revision. It’s been a good week, Dr Google aside.

How’s yours been?


Saturday Snapshot Two


Second Saturday Snapshot of the year – not quite a habit but we’re heading that way.

Stumbling across this sexy little scene on this mornings’ dog walk was a bit of a win. A timely reminder that when it feels like your week has been a tiny bit shite;  filled with poorly teenagers and grumpy spaniels and horrid conversations at work (and yes, I appear to be one of those ‘restorative power of the sea’ people you want to slap a little bit) the world isn’t so brutal.

How’s your Saturday? Let me know down there or hashtagging #saturdaysnapshot in Twitville.