Confessions of a 31 and 11/12ths year old

Being an adultSome days aren’t meant for adulting, some days are meant for doing the best you can whilst eating sweets and plotting the deaths of your sims. Which is why, yesterday, in the interest of balancing out all of the Wonderful Wednesday action:

  1. I wore lipstick as blusher. No shame, gave me quite the flush.
  2. Lunch was only an apple with peanut butter because whilst watching Cape Fear (revising, I mean revising), I became convinced that fictional bastard Max Cady was hanging out in my kitchen. Maybe garotting the maid..
  3. I spent the morning sitting in the dog bed. I had my reasons, they were threefold.  Pete was displeased.
  4. And lastly, after a misguided attempt at a cheat meal away from clean eating, I passed out on the kitchen floor in the most crippling pain I’ve ever experienced. Coming to and opening my eyes I found myself nose to nose with Pete with Betty humping my leg. After crawling up the stairs on all fours and in the absence of the husband or a better Dr Google diagnosis than ovarian cancer, I called my (medical professional) mummy to help me. Her (horrifyingly accurate) diagnosis? Trapped. Wind.

Life. It’s a mixed bag eh?

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