Travel | Am I excited about cruising?

CruisingNot the kind of cruising I did aged 17 in a naff old Vauxhall Cavalier and some god awful hip hop, no siree, the kind of cruising requiring a big boat and a penchant for the finer things in life.

When I was 17 (going on 46) I didn’t do holidays, I did adventure and travelling and experiences maaaaan. Cramming as much exploration as was humanly possible into every second of every day away, stretching my brain and diluting the small town effect of South Devon for another year. It wasn’t a real trip without a catastrophe or two: like that time I was stranded at the Egyptian/Israeli border with only a Bedouin taxi driver for company (he drove with his knees FOR 250 KILOMETERS, that was novel) or the time I didn’t get the right visas for an Eastern European inter-rail journey and had to spend 36 hours trapped in one train car with a blocked toilet and a whole load of cranky passport checkers. With guns. Aaah good times.

We’ve had our fair share of married adventures too. Those breaks where we’ve just packed up the car and headed off, we’ve been chucked off boats in the middle of the deepest oceans to dive with big beasts, we’ve even spent a weekend in a caravan in Okehampton.

But, and I can’t believe I’m about to say it, you get to a stage in life when a hair raising adventure is no longer top of your list, when the thought of arriving in an unknown city without bookings and carrying your worldly possessions on your back is enough to induce a cold sweat. I suspect that time comes when you’re trying to run a home and a life and a career with some semblance of success every day. In short, when you’re so very busy trying to adult it seems ludicrous  not to seek some peace and relaxation from your hard earned holidays.

Between career changes and house moves we haven’t had a real holiday for a few years.

So we booked a cruise.


I was really frigging horrified when we booked it, like shall we also pre-order our coffins too? As it gets closer though, I think I might be excited.  Just because I don’t fancy the unbridled adventure of being stranded penniless in unknown lands it doesn’t mean I don’t want to explore the bits of the world I haven’t yet seen. There are plenty of other ways to do that, granted but right now, this year, I choose to see the world from the comfort of a fancy floating hotel. One in which I can relax my butt off -from a balcony cabin watching new and unexplored lands creep up on us every morning.

I’m excited to wake up in a different place each day and to wander unfamiliar streets without carting a 20kg backpack around, to ditch the crowds in favour of a less well trodden path. All the while knowing there’s unlimited martini and roughly four hundred floating restaurants waiting for me back on the boat. Calling it a boat feels woefully understated.

It’s sort of like a ridiculously grown up adventure isn’t it? ISN’T IT?

And, if it does turn out to be all of the kinds of horrific that have crossed my mind , I suppose 24 hour room service and unlimited cocktails will ease the pain.

Cruising – would you? Have you? Are you judging me a bit right now?

I’ll tell you more about the cruise if you want to, let me know. 

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  • Katie

    You had me at “floating martinis”*… Please tell me more about your cruise! Mostly where and what! But feel free to fling in some “hows” (e.g. how the f do 400 restaurants stay afloat? The weight of the cutlery alone!) and a “who” (just in case you’re secretly going cruising with Michelle Pfeiffer. In which case, I’m sneaking dans your suitcase).

    I also want to hear more about all of your previous epic adventures xxx

    * I don’t think you actually SAID “floating martinis”, but that’s the gist of the whole cruise thing, right?

  • I really want to go on a cruise, they type where you wake up in a different port every day but my Mr seems to think it’s only for ‘old’ people. Thing is, I want to be able to explore those places whilst I still can, it’s still an adventure, it’s still a little bit unknown, and I can do it on my own two feet not on a zimmer!

    I reckon you’ll have a fab time – and cocktails make everything better!

    Sarah 🙂

    Saloca in Wonderland

  • Well I want to know everything cos we’re actually thinking of booking one for our honeymoon next year. I’ve always been a bit of a granny so I think I’m going to love it!

  • reneejessome

    I think going on a cruise would be so much fun! What path would your cruise be taking you along?

    Renee | Lose The Road

  • I have! I went to Norway with my family when I was a mere 18 and it was great. I’m a bit of a weirdo and love things that are self contained so I was in heaven as they had bars, restaurants, gift shops,library area and all sorts – I also had my room key linked to my parent’s bank account so HOLLAAA. You’ll love it, they’re so relaxing and there’s plenty of time to do exploring without excursions x

  • I can’t imagine myself on a cruise. Too much water for me. Too much restriction in where I could go and too many people. Maybe I’m just not old enough yet.

  • Emmas happy world

    I have recently been thinking I would like to go on a cruise but when I mention it to Jamie he looks at me like I’m crazy 😀 although I’m obsessed with the clothes in an affair to remember so maybe you can just be wildly overdressed everyday 😁

  • I’ve gone on two cruises. Both were great! They’re like mini communites on water, honestly it is so much better than being in a hotel and packing and unpacking and repacking. LOVE it! You can sit out on the deck and look up at the stars if you want.. Just lovely 🙂
    x Kenzie

  • Woo to holidays! There used to be a time when I planned out an entire year’s worth of holidays, at the beginning of the year, just so I’d have things to look forward to. Nothing wrong with a bit of excitement.

    Can’t imagine myself on a cruise though – love the idea of waking up in a different city or country, but it’s all too organised for me. Call me a control freak!

  • I would definitely like to hear about the cruises as I have to say that I am quite anti them but then feel like I can’t judge if I’ve not been on one!! I just think it might be too hard to see the places?! #

    Jasmin Charlotte

  • “I was really frigging horrified when we booked it, like shall we also pre-order our coffins too?” – possibly my favourite blog sentence of the week!

    I’ve never been cruising before, but always thought I’d like to at some point in the future. It sounds quite relaxing, with plenty of time to read, people watch and enjoy daily ocean views!

    My dad’s been on a cruise to Norway, but he is 71, just FYI… :-p

  • I went on a cruise from Phuket in Thailand down to Singapore and back over Christmas 1999…. I was 14 and absolutely loved it! Waking up in a new place every day and being able to go and explore if we wanted. It’s chilled out but lots to do if you want.
    Our neighbour recently went on a ship round Norway and said it was amazing.