DIY: Dog Cave

photo 4

First things first, well done if you made it past that post title. It was this or Nanananananananananananananananana: Dog Cave! I think I chose wrong…

You might also have been drawn in by the mention of ‘DIY’ – that’s a bit of an overstatement. So let’s just call it an inspiration post shall we? In case you too have an awkward sized little cupboard in your kitchen/diner that you don’t know what to do with coupled with an extraordinarily unhealthy relationship with your furry friends

Create your own:

1) Remove cupboard door, this isn’t Little Whinging.

2) Base coat the whole thing in magnolia (other neutral creamy tones are available…just not in our house!)


3) Rope a teenager with a penchant for painting and a far steadier hand than you to freestyle some paw prints or other canine related a artwork onto the walls*. Don’t feel too disappointed that the husband said you can’t plaster the walls with pooch pictures, like a doggy prison cell, it’s the right decision.

Katy4) Get in and make sure it feels right. You’re right to look ashamed, it’s a bit weird.

In the dog cave

5) Fill the dog cave with a big squishy dog bed like this one, assorted blankets and pooches.

6) Ignore the depressed looks and keep telling yourself they love it in there.

photo 5

They really do love it in there, it’s their own little pooch kingdom where they feel safe and secure. Dogs love to have a space that’s just theirs and that’s dark and cosy and perfect to escape into when there’s a lot going on at home or they’re just pooped. This is spot on, they lie in there and watch me potter about, they know it’s their little safe place. As it gets closer to bed time they patrol back and forth between here and the lounge, waiting for us to bugger off so they can snuggle down for the night.

Another ‘room’ in the new house complete…

*choose waterproof, non-toxic paint. Please! And unless you want your jet black dog to go into zebra mode maybe wait for it to dry before letting them back in.

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