So ballot, much electors, very democratic

Election 2015

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Yep, that’s boohockey. It doesn’t feel very democratic 90% of the time and I’m certain there will not be ‘much electors’ HOWEVER if you are over the age of 18 and you have all the necessary permissions, please please use your vote today.

Those ‘leaders’ pedaling their wares and their murky manifestos, out kissing babies and wearing hard hats at every opportunity to be ‘one of the people’, bitching about each other in glorious technicolour, are now in desperate need of your tick in their box.

You may still not know which of them, if any, you trust with our country for the next five years. In all honesty none of them inspire any kind of confidence that they actually can pull some rabbit from their hard hat and achieve the most benefit for the most people.  Which is really the best that we can hope for: the UK is a land of such disparity that no one leader, no one set of values, principles and policies will ever make life better for all sixty something million of us. BUT STILL, you should show up to have your voice heard.

It’s a sad state of affairs that so many of us feel so very disillusioned. That our options are tactical voting, settling for someone we have no reason to believe won’t screw us over at the first opportunity, voting for the ‘lesser of the evils’ or Nigel effing Farage. BUT STILL you should show up to your polling station.

If you really can’t decide on where to place your faith for the next few years then write that on your paper (probably not in one of the boxes next to one of the names…) or perhaps draw a small rude sketch to demonstrate your displeasure with the whole situation. Doesn’t it send an equally powerful message if the turnout is higher but the margins are smaller? Doesn’t it say that actually we’ve had enough of this shit, give us someone decent to vote for, somewhere to put our trust?

No matter how little I think of those men and women who do make themselves look utter tits to win us over to their strange little tribes (looking at you and your Mockney, Ed) I just can’t bring myself not to show up and have my say. This would be the part where we discuss Suffragettes and Nigeria and Saudi Arabia so I’ll spare you that, this day is dark enough as it is. BUT STILL….

I’m almost afraid to ask about you and voting….but tell me anyway? Doing it? Done it? Refusing to get involved? Let’s keep it civil though, that’s the beauty of free speech – all opinions are valid. Except she who shall not be named. Hers are not.

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  • Done it. People died for our right to do so and it’s the least we can do in return 🙂

  • Ellie

    I voted at university in Devon this morning and have just trekked across the country to vote at home in Cambridge (yep, someone forgot that postal votes existed)!

  • I do like the way you write, you make me think about things a bit differently! I haven’t voted yet but I will do tonight, I must admit I have only voted once before, which was in the last election and I got all excited only to end up being very disappointed (looking at you lib dems) so I feel pretty disillusioned by the whole thing. I actually have a degree in politics which interestingly left me feeling a bit apathetic for a while and I have always been undecided in each election whether to vote or not but you made some valid points here and you are right, even if it is just a protest vote, I should still show up to my polling station. x

  • Another great post! I’m with you 100% voting is so so very important, even if it’s just to scribble on your ballot to show your displeasure. How can we expect change or argue for improvements if we don’t show up and demand it? That’s why I was the third in line at 7am this morning. Plus how dare we ignore something that people died to get and are still dying to have access too?

  • It might be a little late, but have you seen this site?

    ‘Vote for Policies, Not People’ is a great message, and it means you can make a really informed decision without being influenced by things you hear in the media.

    I’m happy to tell you I just voted Green. I personally think their policies are sensible, and I believe they prioritise what’s truly important to the bigger picture.


  • I went first thing this morning and we were the only peoe in there which made me sad 🙁 I’m hoping loads of people turned up later x

  • Done it and done it proudly. Women died for us to be able to do this. I hate all the politicians but that doesn’t mean we should be silenced.
    Rosie xx

  • Doing it when I return home this evening… I didn’t watch those darn debates, read many manifesto’s (well, okay, bits of them) and do (and ignore) hundreds of on-line quizzes for nothing you know!x

  • Doing it when I get home from work! And I second the vote for policies comment below. It’s how I made up my mind as well 🙂 xx

  • I’ve voted in every election I’ve been able to and today I took my baby daughter along so I’m setting her a good example from the start – I feel like we all have a duty to TRY to make the country the best possible place to live. The party I wanted to vote for doesn’t have a candidate standing in my area so it was a case of voting for the least bad option; I feel like at least I looked at the list of options and went, “Well, I’m doing what I can to keep out THOSE guys.”

  • Kerri

    I admit, I’ve never voted. I left college and went straight to uni and for the time I was a bit preoccupied with uni and other things, voting didn’t really pop into my brain. Then I left the country. Still voting didn’t pop into my brain. I was actually under the impression that I couldn’t vote because I left the country so I didn’t worry about it.

    This year the elections came around and I was still thinking that I couldn’t vote, so I just watched, but I actually really wanted to vote, for some reason my head was going “you’re 25, it’s time to vote!”. but since I thought I couldn’t, I didn’t.

    This morning I went to double check, turns out I can vote from abroad. But also turns out that I can’t register to vote from abroad as I never registered to vote when I was in the UK. So, still can’t vote.

    But I wanted to 🙂

  • Laura @ Laughter is Catching

    Hahaha I love the idea of drawing something to show your annoyance. I postal voted as i’m in the US, but my Husband didnt bother and it REALLY ANNOYED ME.

  • Rachael

    I didn’t vote but I did vote five years ago. I know I can with living in the US but it’s a pain in the arse to set up (lame excuse I know). Especially when it bothers me that I can’t vote in the US but I pay taxes here, which starts a whole thing about starting US citizenship. Without twitter I wouldn’t know about all the protests I will be honest, it’s like there’s a weird media blackout about it all that’s barely coming across through the news outlets, even on the internet.

  • Preach it sister. Damn true.
    M x

  • That’s a very lovely compliment so THANK YOU!!
    It was a difficult thing to write about because everyone has an opinion and it almost always seems to be a very strong one.
    Did you go and vote in the end? Really disappointing result I think.
    M x

  • Absolutely, I do feel that not voting is a bit of a kick in the teeth to those who fought so hard for us to have the right. But on the flip side there are those who refuse to endorse a system they don’t believe in and I guess I have a certain amount of respect for that view point too – I just could never not show up. Ever.
    M x

  • I had seen that actually Anna but thank you. Was a really interesting little quiz.
    Glad you used your vote and for something that you truly believe in, that’s what it’s there for…although I don’t blame anyone who now feels a bit disillusioned with the whole thing.
    M x

  • I hope so too, I just can’t comprehend not going and doing it, it is about the most power us plebs get, we should wield it both at election time and the rest of the year too!
    M x

  • Absolutely this Rosie, the only way to do anything about the politicians we don’t like is to use the only power we have. It’s a shame that so many people didn’t feel that way this time round (or any other time round seemingly!) but I will keep harping on about it til I’m blue in the face.
    M x

  • Well quite, you’ve done all the ground work, might as well follow it through.
    I just can’t get on board with not doing it, doesn’t sit right with me.
    M x

  • It was a brilliant tool, I just wish more people had seen it and felt inspired to have their voice heard too.
    Five years til we can all have another go…
    M x

  • That’s brilliant Sarah, she’s starting very early!!
    It was the hardest election I’ve voted in I think, lots of tactical voting and disengagement with the process but you’ll always find me there, having my say.
    M x

  • At least you were willing and keen. I’m just busy being annoyed that you’re only twenty flipping five. You suck. But you have good intentions.
    M x

  • There’s something grating about those who have the power and just don’t use it but I suppose I understand people feeling apathetic about the whole thing, it was a toughie this time round.
    We rocked up to our polling station like the Von Trapp Family Voters, it was glorious.
    M x

  • The fact that they still make it possible for you to vote from the other side of the planet is in itself why I feel so bloody strongly that we all should.
    The protest thing was SO WEIRD! I still haven’t heard much at all about it which is so shameful. People aren’t happy, it’s not a secret.
    M x

  • Haha, bless you! Good effort though, it’s your right!!
    M x

  • Kerri

    It’s even more annoying because I’d like to vote if they announce an EU referendum, I need to look into it more, maybe there’s a way around it.

    “She sucked with good intentions”… I might put that on my gravestone 😀

  • I did indeed vote and I made sure Carl did as well haha! I have to say although I didn’t vote conservative I was truely shocked at the abuse some tory voters were getting on twitter as the results were coming in, I wish we could all discuss poltics in a mature way without it turning into something nasty. It makes me really angry. x