52 Lists: Favourite moments of 2013

Think I’m going to love receiving Ema’s 52 list emails each week. It feels a little like I’m being given a secret mission, which is no bad thing. Even better it’s a secret mission where I get to sit and think about life and the universe for a bit and THEN I get to write a list. 

This week I got to ponder over my favourite moments of 2013: 

  1. Midday tipsiness for our 6th anniversary lunch followed by a traditional comic book action movie. 
  2. When I found out I’d got my new job. Itching to get started now, three more weeks to go (and I’m going there today for a transition day. Happy Michelle!)
  3. Christmas morning with C, K, R and the hounds was just the loveliest. 
  4. Bringing the pups home.
  5. A cheeky week away in Cornwall with C.
  6. Reaching 5000 views on this little old blog. It’s not a lot but for a newbie, I’ll take it. 
  7. First walk with the pooches in the piddling rain.

I wrote a longer post about my 2013 here. My first 52 lists list, goals for 2014 is here if you fancy a nose

Let me know if you’re doing the 52 lists and if not, just let me know what your favourite bit of last year was anyway, it’s nice to remember the good stuff. 
52 Lists: Things To Do On A Rainy Day