#BEDM Day 2 – Five Favourite Posts

I did take Elizabeth’s #BEDM prompt for today, the narcissist in me was quite delighted to look back at older posts, the perfectionist in me corrected all the typos she found along the way. Sucks to be me. 

Gulp!  From Pinterest where else? 

Going Out for Pudding was one of my first ever posts and is definitely one of my faves. It was such a beautiful evening with my husband and I still look at those photos and can’t believe I get to live here! The inspiration for Betty’s name also pops up in this post. She was an uber babe. 

Until they could go out for a walk, the mutts nearly killed me. This post is a snapshot of an unraveling mind. Makes me laugh. Now. 

Betty’s post was one of your favourites actually. She found her blogging voice pretty quickly, that dog has attitude. Pete still hasn’t found his blogging voice, which is a sad sad thing because he’s the one with more to teach us about being happy no matter what, by far. He also has the best Beyonce-esque butt shake you’ve ever seen but until he learns to speak you’ll just have to picture it in your mind tank.  

Who me? 

I enjoyed writing this post on love. Ahhh love. L-O-V-E love. L is for*… Even though I repeated the point about laughter (in my defence that man does make me laugh A LOT) this sums up exactly why I love my husband which was a creative triumph. In my little world. For a bit. 
*name that Friends episode. 

Is there a better place to let your family know just how much you love them than on the web for all to see? Yeah, of course there is. But I did love writing this letter to my step daughters nonetheless. 

Even if you’re not #BEDMing leave a link to your favourite of your posts below, I’d love to have a nose. Have a marvellous Friday. I’m still off work (sorry not sorry) so maybe more wine for lunch? Maybe a day in my jimjams? Who knows? 

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