Four Flippin’ Good Pancake Day Ideas

pancake dayIf you don’t have pancakes in your life for the other 364 days a year then you have my sympathy. Seriously, is there anything more comforting than a crispy crepe smothered in lemon and sugar? There is not. But that’s by the by, today is the day you can shovel them in til you’re fit to pop so chop chop.

Use this basic recipe to get going and if you’re stuck for ideas today try one of these:

Strawberry and Maple Syrup 
The husbands’ favourite. A handful of fresh strawbs and a good glug of decent maple syrup. It’s a classic.pancake day

Classic lemon and sugar
Fresh lemon squeezed all over (inside and out) and be liberal with the sugar. pancake day

pancake day

Raspberries and Peanut Butter
Particularly Pip’s Maple and Peanut Butter and a good handful of fresh raspberries. Get in my belly.

pancake day

The Full Teenager
K stuffed her pancake with that Malteaser spread, mini marshmallows, maple syrup and drowned it in sugar. It’s just how she rolls*. There was no time for a photo, also it was OBSCENE! pancake day

pancake day

pancake dayMake sure you stay properly hydrated, all that flipping is hard work! We quaffed our Robinson’s squash like it was going out of fashion.  Robinsons Fruit Squash contains no added sugar which is good news for K who is already at least 96% pure sugar.pancake dayHow do you eat yours? Can you top the Full Teenager?

*rolls, pancakes. BOOM! 

This post was written in collaboration with Robinson’s Fruit Squash which we already know and love. Squash adulation and dodgy pancake flipping all my own.

FYI when the summer comes that Lemon Squash is going in a lolly tray with gin for some gin and lemon ice lollies. YES!

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