Genetic Lottery


I have a GCSE in biology (the only B I ever got. Bastards) so I *know* that there are no genes I can pass on to my step-daughters. I know that and how to dissect the eyeball of a sheep.  Both of these juicy nuggets have served me well.

The genetics thing is both a blessing and a curse: the girls won’t be privy to my pathetically weak back or migraine ridden brain but equally nor will they benefit from my enormous hair or tiny feet (more akin to hooves). Poor little chaffinches. Whether or not I want to pass on the aforementioned genes to anyone is a whole other post for a whole other day.

They’ve had me hanging around, day in-day out, for over a decade now – some of me must have rubbed off on them. If it hasn’t, I clearly haven’t been doing it right!

Hopefully they’ll wanderlust hard. The only reason I stay sane in a small town is because I’ve adventured before and fully intend on adventuring again. R is just starting to dip her toe into life out of the shire and she’s having an absolute blast.

I’d be sad if they lacked courage.  Is courage an inherent or a learnt thing? Maybe a bit of both. Either way I’m delighted to report that I have it and I’m willing to share it around if they need some. We’re not talking dragon slaying courage, just the courage to stand up for what they believe in and the courage to live their lives without fear of the unknown.

‘Quirky’ is an annoying word, no? ‘Eccentric’ is even worse. ‘Eccentric’ is about as close to ‘prick’ as you can get without actually saying ‘prick’. So where do we go from here…? I guess I hope they know their own minds and what makes them tick and are able to embrace it wholeheartedly. I hope they’re not pricks. Just individuals. Happy ones.

I hope they are independent, self sufficient little souls whose lives are enriched by others rather than dependent on them – emotionally, financially, whatever-ly.

And for balance I hope they don’t inherit my pathological self-loathing, a stubborn inability to put things away, the procrastinating super power or my teeny tiny hands.

Anything you’d like to keep in the gene pool?

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