Going AWOL

briocheSo….hi! I feel a bit awkward, like we’re long distance lovers who’ve been reunited. Ok, NOW I feel awkward. Sorry I made it weird.

Thought I’d better let you know that I’m still here, albeit hiatusing pretty hard right now. No real reason for that other than the fact that day in, day out, I am working my butt off trying to translate ridiculously complex information into something digestible and reader friendly and engaging which means that when I get home, the absolute last thing I want to do is pick up my quill* and engage my brain to create something frivolous and entertaining. Preferably without using words like ‘albeit’ and ‘hiatus’.

I’ve had no time or space for reading either, blogs or books that is. Last night I did get into bed with The Economist. And no, that is not a nickname I have for the husband.

The point of the preamble is to apologise for my sporadic-ness. Spell check wanted me to apologise for my ‘sordidness’, so that too I suppose. I had all kinds of big blog plans to show you more of Devon whilst simultaneously being devastatingly witty and I’ve failed just a hundred percent. I’m sorry too if I’ve missed your big news or your daily minutiae through lack of blog reading. I solemnly swear that I’ll pull my finger out and get back into a rhythm, maybe when I’m off over Christmas.

In the meantime, shall we catch up over an incessant list of verbs and promises to do better:

Making not much. A bit of headway with Christmas present buying?
Drinking Pumpkin Spiced Bailey’s and too. Much. Coffee.
Reading about pensions and ISAs and investments, oh my!
Wanting to have the brain space to read literally anything else.
Looking a little wobbly round the middle.
Wasting some pretty good drafted posts and columns because they’re instantly out of date and I’m too tardy at hitting publish.
Deciding that now I’m thirty tw*cough cough* I need to start taking my pension seriously. Thug life chose me.
Realising that I really do miss this little creative outlet. I’m not quite ready to let it go yet.
Enjoying learning.
Liking spaniels.
Wondering just how early on Christmas Day we can kick everyone out and down our body weights in sherry.
Knowing so much more! Am I allowed to blow my own trumpet a bit here? Too late.
Loving the Christmassy build up this year.
Googling Theresa May’s Leather Trousers. For a column, not my lust list. Oh and ‘slow cooker mulled wine’ because who doesn’t want to get home to the whiff of that??
Watching something really good that I wanted to tell you about but now can’t for the life of me remember what that was. Great story bro.
Hoping that you won’t desert me even though I cannot find time to blog and I do not comment. I suck.
Wearing pant suit/pyjamas/work wear/pyjamas…repeat ad infinitum**.
Planning new blog posts (yay) on a spreadsheet of many colours (booo). Spreadsheets are one of those things that quickly lose their shine when you’re relying on them to do your day job.
Following my dreams. Sick face emoji.
Losing my marbles.
Thinking all the time.  
Feeling a little wobbly round the middle. See below.
Buying the secret ingredient for (another) batch of our mince pies. Anyone interested in that recipe?
Giggling maniacally.  

Pick a verb and tell me your news.

*’open the laptop’ sounded too naff so I went super old school.

** that’s right, I speak Latin now.

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