The Great Kitchen Makeover

DSC_0661The kitchen was the last bit of our house to be fixed up. It was one of those functional but UTTERLY VILE ones full of late eighties dark wood and tiles that would even offend your nan. It’s a big job though isn’t it? And a ridiculously disruptive one. I thought I was prepared but by week three of having to brave the gauntlet of South Devon laundrettes and filling up my kettle from the bath taps I was over it.  Totes worth it now though, see how pretty.

So the before and durings.

Kitchen designAnd the super swanky afters. Disclaimer: we’re fairly vanilla.

magnet kitchen

magnet kitchen We wanted something clean and bright, pretty much anything but the monstrosity that was there before. After trying out Ikea’s design service – maybe pot luck but the guy who came to look at ours did not give a flying whatsit about our home. Shame because, Ikea – and finding that Wickes created a thing of beauty for about four times the price we stumbled into Magnet on Boxing Day.  I KNOW. But we managed to get free appliances in the Boxing Day sale* so the joke’s on you watching Harry Potter in your jimjams whilst stuffing your face with leftover turkey (you lucky gits). Magnet were brilliant actually, worth a go if you’re thinking about new kitchens. They did everything we asked them to do exactly when they said they’d do it.

*‘Free appliances in the sale’ feels like an adulting mic drop. Does life get any better?DSC_0672

DSC_0682No changes were made to the dog cave other than the addition of their sexy rosette and a bit of flooring. It did not stop them being almightily suspicious of the whole thing.


imageThe footprint of the kitchen is pretty much the same. We ditched the weird extra foot or so of height on the return (technical term my friends) and made that area a bit wider to fulfil the husband’s dream of a breakfast bar. My dream was dual ovens in the cupboards so everyone was happy.image

DSC_0696The floor is the same stuff we’ve got through the lounge and hallways. I don’t know flooring but it’s called Karndean and it’s not wood and it’s not lino. It’s really hard wearing under paws.

magnet kitchenWe’re waiting for some wine racks for that bit of wall up there ^^ where the calendar is and the new – stupidly expensive – bin but it’s almost there.


Also, you must never ever tell the husband that I sat on the breakfast bar (unless you know a cracking divorce lawyer).

P.s. you’ll be pleased to know that my sunflowers are on their last legs so they’ll stop rocking up everywhere soon.

P.p.s this post is sponsored by no-one and nothing other than my own narcissistic desire to show off my new kitchen.

Where stuff’s from if you’ve got vanilla leanings too:

Bar stools – Atlantic Shopping

Prints – Bodacious Devonish artist Becky Bettesworth in £5 Ikea frames

Light Box – Asos I think, was a gift

Kettle and Toaster – John Lewis

Crockery – ASDA << the bowls are different in this one

Alphabet Mugs (obvs. And yes, the B is for Betty. And what? ) – M&S 

Bookcase – Good ol’ Ikea. Yup, it’s a Billy.

Tiles – Metro Sage

Bosch Tassimo Whatsit – Currys

Pete and Bett’s Toy Box (not sorry) – Pets At Home

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  • Emma Fisher

    I love it. It’s so pretty. And I love that is looks really light and bright – I bet it’s such a nice change from a dark kitchen. We desperately need to re-do our kitchen but it’s Jim’s room to decorate and he wants dark wood cabinets *agh*

    And I love that the new flooring caused suspicion in those puppy faces…….they are all so funny aren’t they, Melle takes offence to shopping bags left in the hall let along new floors!

  • Ahhhh!! I LOVE it!! I’ve been dying to see your new kitchen since you first said you were tackling the humongous job of doing it up! It looks incredible and I have serious kitchen envy. I adore the counter tops, so pretty and that lovely clean pretty instagramable over all yumminess. Wow…did that even make sense?!

  • You know what, bins really are expensive. I don’t know why, but when we moved to Belgium we used a waste paper basket as a bin for ages because I was sure there had to be a mistake on the prices we were seeing.

    There wasn’t.

    Nice kitchen, I like it. Nice sunflowers. Also mighty jealous of your free appliances too.

  • Cat

    Kitchen of dreams! Love the green tiles!

    It looks really great, definitely worth the bath-filled kettles and trips to the launderettes. Love the pooch-filled images too, they totally help to show new dream kitchen at its very best 🙂

  • Ooooh I love the tiles! That’s a gorgeous kitchen and I would like to say just for reference that Sunflowers are my favourite flower so I vote more sunflowers 🙂

  • reneejessome

    ohh I love it!!! It looks so so good!

    Renee | Life After Lux

  • Ohh it looks awesome! Bet it’s so nice to have it all finished too 🙂

    Jasmin Charlotte

  • It looks amazing 🙂 my mam would like that kitchen haha, she’s been dying to get hers done for ages! I could never be sick of seeing sunflowers, I love them! Such happy lil flowers 🙂 xo

    Amber Love Blog

  • It looks so summery and lovely – even more so given the free appliances! I absolutely love the prints on the wall too!

  • Anya Johnson

    I love it… if I didn’t live so far away i’d move in (jks)! seriously though some major kitchen envy going on here… and I think my dogs have some dog cave envy too!

  • What a transformation! You must be so happy with it. It’s the kitchen of dreams! xx

  • Your new kitchen looks beautiful! I especially love that breakfast bar – now I want one, too! 😉 I only have a tiny student kitchen, so yours is the stuff of dreams for me right now! 🙂

  • Thanking you. It is SO much lighter than before, it was a bit like the bat cave before but with much less cool shit. Aaah dark wood cabinets, they do make a room look masculine. We considered it for a second because spaniels are disgusting and light cabinets might get annihilated and then went light anyway. I reckon Jim’s onto something. Come back to me in six months when my knees are broken from constant wiping. Just for now though, I’ll like it.
    M x

  • Aww thanks so much, we’re really pleased with how it’s turned out – totes worth the pain (and the fact that we can only afford to eat beans for a year or two). It does have some instagrammable over all yumminess to be sure, I must work on that.
    M x

  • Why are bins expensive? What is that all about? I’ve been putting off getting it, it’s my job but my soul can’t hack spending the best part of SEVENTY FIVE QUID on something to stick my crap in.

    And thanks muchly, we’re chuffed with it in all its vanilla glory. And a free oven isn’t to be sniffed at (actually, the extractor fan was the real win – it would have cost a bomb). That right there might be the most grown up I’ve ever been.
    M x

  • Thanks Cat, it was so hard to get a picture showing their actual colour (we’ve had one or two domestics when trying to pick stuff to go with them too – husband thinks lime green?! WHAT!)
    And lol, they’re never not in there so it didn’t seem fair to turf them out for my picture taking.
    M x

  • Thanks lovely one, the tiles are pretty swanky I do agree.

    And they could be my faves too, we’ve had about six bunches on the trot now, no bad thing.
    M x

  • Thanks Renee, we’re pretty chuffed with how it’s turned out
    M x

  • Thank you ma’am and YES! It’s a monumental relief to have it all done now, we do spend most of our time in there now.
    M x

  • I have no idea. I just don’t know. It’s one of those mysteries of life. We originally wanted a nice pedal bin but they were 80 euros or something… now we’ve got some plastic monstrosity that was about 20 quid. It’s grey… it’s so damn ugly and it matches nothing. But it was cheaper than all the others, so it sort of redeems itself.

  • Aaah thanks Amber, your ma clearly has AWESOME taste! This might be my sixth bunch of sunflowers, they’re just so damn cheery.
    M x

  • Aah thanks, you must know Becky Bettesworth – fellow Devonish? She does the beautiful prints of Westcountry towns, they’re gorgeous.
    M x

  • The dog cave is an utter triumph, it’s true. And thanks, we’re so pleased with how it all turned out.
    M x

  • Do you know what Sam? It REALLY IS the kitchen of dreams. We spend so much time in here now.
    M x

  • Aaah I remember the student kitchen days, it makes wins like this SO much better!!!
    M x

  • I love your new kitchen! I love the shaker style kicthens. I actually work for the company that owns wickes and was so excited when they had their 50% off kitchen sale + my colleague discount on top. They quoted me almost £3k (with all the discounts) for a tiny kitchen with 3 bottom cupboards, a set of draws and 5 top cupboards. Crazy! So that was a big old no! I’ll have to have a look at Magnet, because our current kitchen is horrendous and I’m dying for a new one hah!
    xo April | April Everyday

  • This is beautiful! 😀 Wish we could get our kitchen done but it isn’t that bad. Yours looks so new, shiny and pretty! xo

  • Oooh I love it, favourite things are the grey tiles and the bar stools. And I did spend a slightly creepy amount of time studying your recipe book collection enviously. Happy new kitchen!!! x

  • Katie

    Look at you, sitting all pretty on the breakfast ba-ahhh…STOOLS. Like a normal sitting person. It looks delightful! Also- free appliances?!? You are living the Adulting Dream xxx