Devon | A Bit Of Blue at Holwell Lawn

Holwell Lawn

I’d heard a rumour about the best carpet of bluebells the world has ever seen.

Having read Katie’s perfectly articulated account of the excruciating sadomasochistic pleasure that is being a Brit in bluebell season (I think that’s what she meant, awks if not) and desperate not to miss Dartmoor’s offering, Sarah and I hot footed it up to Holwell Lawn ON A SCHOOL NIGHT. Sort of like a modern day Famous Five but with fewer humans and more dogs, which IMHO would have improved things somewhat. Anne was always a bit surplus to requirements.

Holwell Lawn

By day, Holwell Lawn is a cross country riding competition course (what, what) but by night the horses clear off leaving the place open for a moorland romp among swathes of mauvey goodness.

Holwell Lawn

I don’t know why we all lose our shit over the bluebells but it seems to be a national past time. Betts fell for it big time.

Holwell Lawn

Maybe it’s the exclusivity of their fleetingness that rocks our worlds.

Holwell Lawn

Or their impossible cheeriness.

Holwell Lawn

Whatever it is, those few weeks of the year that they grace us with their purple presence is a bit magical. More than a bit. Especially when Dartmoor is full of legends about pixies and fairies and dragons and Dothraki and things.

It’s also the home of the hairy hands (Google it, it still scares the bejesus out of me) and the tragic tale of Jay’s Grave. According to the story, in the 1800s Kitty Jay fell pregnant following an assault and hung herself when disowned by her swell sounding friends and family. She was buried at a crossroads to confuse her spirit and avoid any hauntings. Fresh flowers have appeared on her grave every single day since and no-one knows who’s doing it. Sweet dreams.

Holwell Lawn

Exploring Dartmoor, waving my arms in whimsy and belting out some Kate Bush (not this time, sometimes it’s ok to shut the hell up) is one of my favourite ways to pass the time. It never fails to remind me why I love this little life in the countryside. Full disclosure: I live a hundred yards from M&S but look, look where I can get to in 20 minutes after work.

Holwell Lawn

Holwell Lawn

The bluebells at Holwell Lawn may just stick around a little longer if you need a bank holiday adventure.

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  • Bethan

    It looks so beautiful! I know what you mean about everyone obsessing over bluebells when they appear, but these photos totally show why they’re so loved! Although the dogs definitely help! xx

  • This is like my dream post. A beautiful, precious baby dog & gorgeous flowers. Seriously though, your dog steals it. Absolutely stunning. I have a cavalier king charles. Spaniels are the best dogs, ever. <33

    Katie // Words By Katie

  • Firstly. I CAN’T BELIEVE YOU MENTIONED ME IN YOUR BLOG POST. I literally want to jump into my computer screen and KISS YOU right on the forehead. And then do it again.

    And secondly. I don’t know if I was giddy because of the whole mentioning of me and my bluebell fiasco…but I actually snorted very, very loud at “Anne was always a bit surplus to requirements.” Many a long car journey with a walkman spent wondering why Anne was so wet. I hear ya.

    xx La Coco Noire

  • They are delightful aren’t they! I’ve never been to Holway Lawn and I live miles away from Devon but I’ll have to make the trip someday (next bluebell season preferably). Your dog is hilarious & gorgeous in equal measure in these photos!
    Rebecca | Notes From September

  • Oh my dog would enjoy this field of bluebells so much too! 🙂 Have a great weekend!

    xx, Matea

  • The bluebells fields look amazing, they make a perfect location for walking the dog. xx

  • This is just so dreamy Michelle! There is something magical about them and as soon as I spot them I’m always excited. It might be because I associate spring with them, among many other wild flowers, but when you see beautiful carpets like these it’s not hard to see why. The story about Jay’s grave is so sad too… – Tasha

  • Ahh the bluebells. There’s a place near to Brussels where you can go to see bluebell blankets in the forest. We missed it this year, but I’m going to go next year! It’s pretty, according to other people’s photos.

  • Katie

    Bloomin’ magical, innit? You lucky lass you 🙂 And Betty- she’s definitely living the dream! xxx

  • I am a fully paid up member of Bluebell Worshippers Anonymous! I went frolicking with my tripod and remote through the bluebells at Winkworth Arboretum recently – thank you National Trust! Had to make a mad dash every time someone came past to make it look like I was just taking photos of the flowers, not myself…

    And I Googled Hairy Hands…bet that makes for a fun drive across Dartmoor! Love local legends like that though, however creepy…

  • Ever year for about 5 years, my aunt invited us along to see the bluebells near where she lived and did I ever go? Did I heck. And am I regretting it? Hell yes 🙁

    There’s nothing quite like the English countryside.

  • They’re ridiculously cheery for something so bloody common.

  • Ha! I LOVE that. I’ve been doing the blogging thing again-seriously, so so cringe when another human sees. Ick.

    And the Hairy Hands, scary enough on their own but when we were eleven and moronic that story switched to then creeping out from UNDER YOUR BED!! I still have to tuck my feet under the duvet.
    M x

  • That hound is always living someone’s dream.
    M x

  • They are mighty photogenic little things, I’m sure the Belgish ones are no different!

  • It really is a total tragedy but it is awesome that someone somewhere (or lots of someone’s probably) give her flowers every day. Sort of like not endorsing her crappy little experience of life. It gives me hope. That and the bluebells obvs.

  • I found myself a little tense at all the trampling these hounds did but it was really beautiful.

  • These two had a whale of a time leaping about like little savages-it’s nice to mix things up a bit isn’t it?

  • Ha thanks Rebecca, the dog is INSANE!! First time we’ve all been to the bluebells though and it was an incredibly lovely way to spend a sunny evening.
    M x

  • Oh stop it you…ok don’t. Smooch away.
    M x

  • Thanks Katie, it was such a nice evening! That dog steals EVERY show though. Every single time.
    M x

  • It was my first time seeing such a vast bluebell carpet, I finally got it. They were just gorgeous and so bright and happy. A brilliant adventure for a summer evening.
    M x

  • I feel the same way, it’s a nicer outcome.

  • The hairy hands? I will be googling that now. Poor Anne! I totally agree though :p I miss the English countryside – especially in summer.