Home is…

Tea and books

Yesterday husband, who has earned himself untold brownie points, waited at home all day for delivery of some ginormous book cases for the dining room. And THEN, when I finally got home, they were pretty much assembled and ready to receive ALL THE BOOKS. This was a pretty big deal, normally he gets quite wound up about DIY and ends up naked and sulking. Neither of us are sure why this happens but it does. Every time. Not only did I come home to a fully clothed husband but dinner was on the go and my bookshelves were begging to be filled (they’re dirty innuendo bookshelves, who knew)?

I hadn’t realised just how much I’d missed having my books close to hand but last night I got to get them all out of their boxes in the garage and find them all new little homes in our new little home. Best. Night. Ever.

We’d been desperate to move from chavsville for so very long that we didn’t really spend any time on the old place and my poor little tomes had been relegated into cupboards in the dining room from hell that was never used. If I wanted one it involved actually opening the door followed by the eye pain of the atrocious décor and some kind of book moving related RSI to shift them all out of the cupboard to find the one which was invariably located at the very bottom of the very last pile. But now? Now they’re back in full sight waiting to be organised into some fandangled system by a surprisingly willing teen. Our whole place feels instantly more homely.


I wrote a post aaages ago about the things that remind me of home and I’m a firm believer that ‘home’ is less about the building and more about the people, the pets and the feels. As it happens, for me it’s also having all of my books around me. For every book I popped on a shelf, I found another three that I wanted to revisit or that had *shock horror* never been opened. Is it too much to say it made me a euphoric? It did. Big cheesy grin euphoric. Sneaking out just to peek at the books euphoric. Although the sneaking out was directly related to giving my eyes a break from the monstrosity that was Mary Berry’s jacket on last night’s GBBO.

It’s also pretty ‘daggy’ as Nicole might say and most spectacularly uncool how excited I am to start searching for the perfect little spot in the new place from which to devour each and every one of them, my money’s on the floor by the patio doors or nestled in the bay window in the lounge, I’ll let you know how that goes. Wherever my reading nook ends up being (and really, it should have been in here right?) I will of course share it with you.

Every day this little building transforms more and more into the home we’ve hoped for for such a long long time and I couldn’t be more thankful.

And for you, home is…?

P.s. please feel free to use the word fandangled liberally in your conversations, it should definitely be a bigger part of the English language.

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  • Wow you have so many books, I always give mine away when I am finished with them, I guess I am a little bit ruthless haha! I so want to come round to your place and raid your bookshelf for something good to read!

    So glad you are making your new house into a home, I can’t wait for Carl and me to get a place of our own and make it like a home!

    Oh and I am glad it is not just me who was offended by Mary Berry’s jacket thing. It was just wrong. x

  • Cor, look at the shelves on that! *wolf whistles* I love brushing my finger along the spines, and that pregnant pause you get when you find *the one* to read, at least for now, anyways. Dreamy xxx

  • Must alphabetise the books… Must. Alphabetise. Books. By author and then by title. Maybe by genre is it doesn’t look right at the end.

    Home is… as far from ‘home’ as possible 🙂

  • Katie

    I’m just catching up on GBBO and caught MB’s jacket out of the corner of my eye mere seconds after reading your comment. Oh dear, Mary… especially after last week’s chic polkadot number.

    Do them by colour! I did that once, because I wanted my life to be more like Pinterest. Tom got a bit cross trying to find a cook book. Me yelling “It’s an orange one- how can you not know that?!” probably didn’t help… xxx

  • I wish i had your bookshelves! I’m not even a big reader but still think bookshelves look so nice in homes. Your husband sounds awesome… kinda sounds like mine. I used to make him wait at home all day for deliveries. I think they were drawers and when I got home they were assembled! Our husbands are great! 🙂


  • You have made my evening (and I have had two glasses of wine so that is saying something)! I was reading this and my fingers were already air typing “you big dag”, only to get a mention for my lingo. I shall use fandangled excessively in return. And #laundered.
    My vote is for bay window. I would much like me one of those.

  • read in the dog cave anyway! it’s a great little cosy spot and you’ll have some furry companions.
    I could do with sorting my bookshelf out. I keep series’ like HP, Twilight and Hunger Games etc all together, in order…
    and yes to Mary’s jacket on GBBO… my eyes!!

  • I need bookcases! My books are just in a pile against the wall, so I completely understand the excitement about them 🙂

    x tink x

  • Rachael

    do you wanna come alphabetise my record collection then?

  • Rachael

    Oh lordy, I still have so many boxes of unpacked books it’s crazy. We ran out of bookcases and just tend to pick them up at estate sales. That and i’ve just ditched them into the basement. Hmm home is weird, especially since moving to the US where i’ve very much detached myself from the UK as being home. When we were moving between our apartment and our house, suddenly home because were the cats were. Once we’d moved them into the house, even though we still had the apartment, home was wherever the cats were sleeping.

  • Rachael

    oh i’m sure I could rumble up a curry for you. Being nice like that.

  • Will you feed me?

  • Lou Duffy

    I’m right in the middle of packing all my beloved books away!! Can’t wait to get them out in their new home next month, ain’t nothing better than being surrounded by these little paper comfort blankets 🙂

    Lou x

  • I totally agree with you on books! My mum is an English teacher so my family home is packed with books in every room and every cupboard but when I moved to the UK I left all my books behind, need to start my collection over here now 🙂 x

    Jasmin Charlotte | Palette Giveaway

  • Anna

    without a doubt you should be reading your books in the nananananananana DOG CAVEEEEEE!!!! 😉 it looks soooo cool in there! xxxx

  • Saskia

    I have definitely used the word ‘fandangled’ at least once this week. I do like a good bookshelf and I’ve installed a little reading nook in my bedroom – an armchair that is predominantly being used to throw clothes on.

    Saskia / girlinbrogues.com

  • Em

    We inherited so many bookcases in the new house but I’m struggling to style them just right. It’s such a first world problem isn’t it!
    But at least they were there to help with the horror of that jacket. It nearly made me turn over to Marley and Me it was that bad!

  • thisandthatblog

    I couldn’t agree with you more, getting the books upmans in their new home makes a house a home. There’s nothing better than spending hours organising and reorganising them, but in what way? Just don’t do it by colour, I beg you. Enjoy browsing the new bookcases every day! Fi xx

  • He sounds like a keeper 🙂 I also like having my books close to me. Reminds me of all the adventures I’ve had reading them.

  • Wild Hearts + Green Tea

    The bookshelf is great, I love seeing books displayed, definitely makes it feel very homey!

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  • I used to be a human library – is that a thing? Surely all libraries are human. Maybe I mean a one woman library – and then all the books were put away! I do like sharing my favourites around so come on over for a look! It’s not far…

    And her outfit was a lot less offensive last night, the Berry’s back!
    M x

  • I too like a good book fondle when the mood takes me.
    M x

  • She pulled it back this week though, a vision in pastel.
    And I do like the idea of colour coding them and I’m mostly the only one who’s looking for something. I’d also enjoy the odd ruckus when someone else tried to get involved.
    The height differences would cause my OCD to hurt though.
    M x

  • They definitely make it feel more homely.
    And I could absolutely get used to having stuff done by the time I get home from work, not too shabby!
    M x

  • A tip of the hat to you ma’am!
    The bay window is going to win massively.
    Let me know how you get on with #laundered!! It’s a cracker.
    M x

  • I might just blooming do that! And yes to keeping series together, I was thinking about by author. I just need a day or so to get on it…never going to happen.
    M x

  • Seriously, best night ever! I can’t stop taking out the ones I want to read though, like a kid at Christmas!
    M x

  • Home is definitely more than just the building and the walls, I love that yours is where the cats are! I’ve moved about a lot too (not as far as you, granted!) and home definitely takes on a whole new meaning.
    M x

  • That will be a great day when you get to unpack them!! I can’t believe I’ve had to wait 6 blooming weeks (although on top of the last two years it didnt make so much difference!)
    M x

  • You definitely do, there’s something a bit wonderful about having them all around.
    M x

  • Ha, me and a torch and a cup of tea. Pooches whinging at the door to be let in.
    I like it!
    M x

  • Haha, I too have the same ‘nook’ in my bedroom!!!
    And you win the fandangled prize..not sure what it is yet but you’re the winner.
    M x

  • That might be the best first world problem. I ran out of brioche when I made the bread and butter pudding – whinging about that felt pretty first world too!!
    M x

  • It may look pretty but by colour would mess with my size related OCD brain quite spectacularly! Fear not.
    And thank you, so far I’ve had a good old gawp on a daily basis.
    M x

  • He’s alright. Don’t tell him I said so.
    And that’s exactly why I love mine being around, I do like the thought that at any second I could just pick one up and dive on in.
    M x

  • It’s my absolute favourite spot in the house now, although I seem to be saying that on a daily basis.
    M x

  • Might too – by author definitely and then it’d just be rude not to do it by title too right. Why make half the effort. Maybe I’ll introduce my own take on the dewey decimal system, I like to dream big.
    M x

  • thisandthatblog

    Phew, glad to hear your OCD works in the same way as mine! Fi x

  • oh! Leona

    I use the word fandangled pretty regularly. It’s a fantastic word that works so well when other words just don’t cut it. I got it from my mum, you’d think the weird looks she gets from people when she uses it would put me off stealing it for myself but no, I still give it a go.

    You described “home” exactly the way that I would have. It’s not about the building, it’s about the things, the family, the friends inside it. Especially the bookshelves, a home without bookshelves is a sad home. Your book shelves look bloody fantastic. White bookshelves are a BEAUTIUL thing. Xx

  • oh! Leona

    PS. I very much enjoyed the thought of you coming home to a naked, annoyed husband. Haha!! Xx