Homemade Dog Treats: The Cheddar Edition

Homemade Dog Treats with Turtle MatIt’s been a long week, fancy some pooch spam? Homemade dog treats too, pinterest eat your heart out. Team Cat avert your eyes.

I care very much about what goes into P & B’s little bellies so I quite like making their treats. I sleep better at night knowing exactly what they’re chowing down on (the dead bird head from the park this morning aside).

The good folk at Turtle Mat challenged me to create some tasty – figuratively speaking – treats so I mucked about with the peanut butter treats from last year to come up with a cheesy little number they seemed to love. A greater success than the human* scones I tried to make this week. The less said about those the better.

Homemade dog treats, you’ll need:

200g rice flour
handful grated cheddar
1 egg
150 ml water

Preheat the oven to 200C and line a baking tray with greaseproof paper.

Mix the egg and flour in a large bowl.

Add the water gradually to combine to a dough. You may not need all the water just judge it as you’re going along. The dough will be quite sticky, not unlike a scone dough. Aaah sweet irony.

When combined, stir in the cheese.

homemade dog treats with Turtle Mat

Tip the dough onto a heavily floured surface and roll to about 1cm thick.

homemade dog treats with Turtle Mat

Use a floured cutter in whatever jaunty design floats your boat to make the biscuits.

homemade dog treats with Turtle Mat


homemade dog treats with Turtle Mat

Bake for 10 to fifteen minutes until crisp and starting to colour.

Feel free to pass the time mucking about in the garden.

homemade dog treats with Turtle Mat

homemade dog treats with Turtle Mat

homemade dog treats with Turtle Mat

Make dogs perform tricks for treats. Everyone’s happy.

homemade dog treats with Turtle Mat

homemade dog treats with Turtle Mat

Along with their life saving dirt trapper mats, Turtle Mat launched some pretty sexy dog bowls last year too. They’re a bit of a work of art if you can say that about a dog bowl. I’m sad my new kitchen isn’t ready to show them off in: that may be the most obnoxious sentence I’ve ever written. Sadly it’s true. So instead we took our treats al fresco, high five for *almost* spring evenings.

homemade dog treats with Turtle Mat

DSC_0765Do you do homemade dog treats? Or is it too much faff? Does it depress you as much as it does me that I cannot bake for people? I expect not.

*scones for humans, not made from humans.

Turtle Mat kindly sent us the snazzy bowls for review. As always, if I didn’t love it I wouldn’t blog it…or I’d tell you the dog ate my homework. 

Wonderful Wednesday Eight
Judged By A Spaniel
  • Your dogs are adorable!! These homemade treats would be such a great gift for friends of mine who have dogs. xxx

  • Pepper will love you for this forever <3


  • Epic pooch pics! And don’t judge me for thinking that those treats actually look good enough that I’d eat them myself…

  • great pictures, and some successful looking treats too. I have never made Millie her own treats, and now am having parenting guilt x

  • Stephanie Dreams

    Aw so cute! They look mega sweet, and so awesome of you to make them….I totally would just buy them, although I have been known to make the odd doggy cake xx

    Love Stephanie Dreams

  • This is so cute, I love that you made them into little heart shapes too and I bet they were well received indeed! Love the extra cute doggy photos too. – Tasha

  • I somehow can’t bring myself to make treats just for the dog – not when cooking is hard enough for the humans! Maybe I would if I had a nicer kitchen and a dishwasher!

  • Apparently you can make homemade hamster treats, but I haven’t tried that yet. I mostly just make Chopster little platters of fruit, nuts and what not to keep him happy 🙂 He’s partial to a banana. Not a whole one, just a nibble on the end. hehehe.

  • LOOK AT THOSE ACTION SHOTS! You and your spaniels of joy are the champions of action shots! Is it also weird that those look tasty for humans? Did you try one? Were you tempted? I imagine their hearts burst with love at the sight of them and your carefully crafted little heart shaped treats XX

  • Oh that face!
    Love Pepper.
    M x

  • Thanks Miranda and yep, they’d be a great gift for any new (or old) pooch mamas.
    M x

  • Thanking you and they could do with a bit of seasoning for human consumption but they didn’t taste half bad :o)
    M x

  • I’m an over-achiever, what can I say!? They were super easy and the hounds love them, half an hour well spent.
    M x

  • Thanks Steph :o)
    They did really love them, I don’t do it every week – I’m no fool! But once in a while you need the boost of someone actually eating your cooking!
    M x

  • They loved them! And thanks Tash, they’re pretty photogenic beasties.
    M x

  • Lol, I just like the confidence boost of someone eating my cooking and not complaining! Winner every time.
    M x

  • Hamster platters? You learn something new every day.
    And snort.
    M x

  • We love a good bit of action.
    Of course I bloody tried them, a bit more salt and they’d be pretty damn good I reckon.
    M x

  • They are 🙂

  • Amazing photos of the dudes as always. I love making homemade stuff and when we do buy treats we only buy certain brands as there is so much rubbish in things these days 🙁
    I might have to try some of these ones as its usually peanut butter and oat & honey that are our specialties.