I’ll Be Right Back….

Be Right BackFirst things first, my wellies have secret anchors on the bottom. I’m QUITE the fan of a hidden nautical detail, you know. The kind you only stumble across whilst being a vapid narcissist in the woods.

Welly wonderment aside, I’m really here today to confess my bloggers guilt.  It’s an utterly ridiculous self-imposed feeling of inadequacy that I’m not constantly here filling this little space with content that will bewitch the mind and ensnare the senses.

The truth is I think blogging and I are having a bit of a tiff. Every time I sit in front of a screen or pick up a pen not a thing happens. Nada. Zip. It’s giving me the cold shoulder, or I it. Either way it ain’t pretty. One of us will have to bite the bullet and apologise eventually. To just suck it up and move on. I don’t *think* we’re ready to go our separate ways just yet, I find myself surreptitiously logging in and doing loving bits on the back end – like when you’re having the mother of all domestics but you still buy them a Cream Egg from the garage because you’re not a complete monster and you’ll probably make up soon, you know?

I suspect our tiff is my fault. I’m tired and narky, I’m probably taking it out on her (yes, of course she’s a her. I call her Doris – bit too weird?) I hope she hangs on in there just a while longer, as tired as I am, I am full of creativity and inspiration and plans for the future, I just have zero energy to implement those and am somewhat lacking verbosity to boot.

Can I break the fourth wall and ask you to be patient with me too? In reality not a lot changes if I don’t write here for a week or two, you miraculously keep coming back, but it’s polite to ask isn’t it? To let you know I haven’t forgotten you.  To make sure you know that when I don’t reply to your comments it’s not through disinterest or taking you for granted, chances are it’s because I’m learning about the taxation of investment bonds or walking a pooch for the Cinnamon Trust (read about them, they TOTALLY rock!)

If anyone needs me, I’ll be over here nursing my guilt with a stiff gin and trying to get my bloody act together. But, crucially, being a little kind to myself because we could all always do with a bit more of that.

And if you’re still with me, leave me your latest or favouritistist post link below and I’ll be there in a jiffy, G&T in hand.

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