Jeans Jeans, Good For Your Heart

jeans5An urge to use the word ‘trendy’ incessantly and a pathological hatred for the peplum (the feeling is mutual) are just two compelling reasons that fashion blogging is not in my repertoire. That and the small fact that I have existed for nearly 33 years (is that right? I’m 32 next year so that would be my 33rd year on planet earth yes? It doesn’t sound right…) in nothing short of a style vacuum.

I’m also incredibly awkward. I’m ok in real life, really I am, but when a camera’s whipped out my face goes wrong. With all that in mind, I was as surprised as you are that I accepted the challenge to wear jeans and to photograph the jeans on me and then to put those photos on the blog. The only excuse is that I live my whole entire life in jeans and any jeans I can pick up at the same time as shovelling peanut butter cups and luxury tampons into my trolley are a-ok with me.

So the good folk at George sent me some jeans and challenged me to wear them for the weekend. Just the weekend? Come on guys, make it a challenge.

Here’s how that worked out:

Started off feeling painfully awkward in the garden but, crucially, incredibly comfortable in the jeans. They’re stretchy (so very stretchy) and felt exactly like I imagine being hugged by a thousand tiny Chihuahuas would feel.

jeans4It’s THE Fedora. The one I bought and have chosen to debut on the internet…good call Michelle. Good call.

You can’t see them but I still have the jeans on here and was, I’m certain, pondering their stretchiness at this exact moment (whilst attempting to rock a fedora, in Devon).

Is Devon ready for me in a hat? Let’s see…

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And again still incredibly comfortable in the jeans whilst telling Pete to stop trying to steal the hat off my head. ASDA Wonderfit jeans: for the dog disciplinarian inside. jeans3I put on a sparkly top also courtesy of George and wondered if the jeans would hold up to some heavy duty lunging. They did, there’s no photographic evidence. Well there is, but you’re not seeing it. jeans6Pete was incredibly sad to learn that the jeans only have faux front pockets, can’t get any treats in there. I made my peace with it. jeans12

Jeans c/o George at ASDA

Sparkly Top c/o George at ASDA

Boots from some shop in Greenwich last year

Shirt old Dorothy Perkins

Hat: M&S, this one’s similar but better, it has a fancy feather


The jeans are really truly a delight. I never buy jeans without trying them on but these fit beautifully and have all of the stretch so they don’t cut off your circulation. Win. The sparkly top too is the stuff of office to ‘C word’ party dreams (and doesn’t look too shabby with jeans). Win.

I will never do another ‘outfit’ post though. Prolific pictures featuring my face are not, and will never be, my bag. HOWEVER next time I go shopping I will be buying these bad boys in black, they’re gert lush.

More awkwardness?

jeans outtakes

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