The Notebook That Changed My Life


Have you ever just connected with a piece of stationery? Found a particularly good listener in a 2B? Maybe a cheeky compass that was just there for you? No? Really? Are you sure? Are you lying to yourself a bit?

You’ll be pleased to know that I’ve found the nirvana of notebooks. I genuinely believe we could be best friends, he just gets me. We met last week when the husband and I popped off to the big city for a cheeky Nandos. Incidentally our very first cheeky Nandos since the UK tried to define one for the Americans.

Our eyes met across the fields of Cath Kidston florals and it was love at first sight. How do I love this notebook? Let me count the ways:


1) It allows me to rate humanity on a day to day basis. A vital factor in tracking the downfall of the human race and not committing murder on a regular basis.

2) The cover looks super stylish and denounces those who continue not to use their indicators whilst driving. Those people deserve bad bad things in life.

3) It is full to bursting with acerbic, passive aggressive quotes about people. All people.

4) It’s pocket sized and perfect for noting down those amazing blog post ideas I have whilst being a woman about town that I almost never actually write down whether I have a notebook to hand or not but there needed to be a legitimate reason to buy three notebooks in one day so…

And that’s it, I don’t need any more reasons to love it. Now if you’ll excuse me, my notebook and I need to be alone for a while.

Has a stapler ever stolen your heart?

IMG_5695 IMG_5697

Bought my Knock Knock notebook with my own hard earned cashola from John Lewis and found them on Amazon for you dear person because a spot of passive aggressive stationery should be on everyone’s wish list.


Thirtysomething (One. I'm 31, ok?)
The Joy of Roasting
  • This is the best notebook I’ve ever seen in my life. Excuse me while I have an affair with it behind your back…


  • Emma Farley

    Oh, it looks awesome! I must have one…

  • Quoted for truth: “Common sense is not so common.” I think I might love this notebook, too. Do you think it has enough love to go round in a hippy commune for notebook lovers?

  • Michelle Tyler

    Every one a winner! Made me laugh when I saw your instagram. Thanks for the link, mine’s on it’s way…..x

  • Ooohh I love these notebooks! I have the ‘I can’t sleep one’ i might have to look out for this one too! xx

  • Hahah love this, I’ve seen them in Paperchase and always want to buy some but I bet it will end up being left in the bottom of a bag like all my other notebooks! x

    Jasmin Charlotte

  • Rachael

    A thumbs up or thumbs down for humanity would help me for sure on the day to day living!

  • Samantha

    This really made me laugh, I was wondering where you got it and might be picking up one myself come payday x

  • Kerri

    OK, that’s pretty cool. Very hipster. Ten hipster points for you!

    Today I’m giving humanity a thumbs up since they aren’t annoying me right now. Things could change though.

  • Saskia

    The whole premise of this notebook has made me chuckle – absolute genius.

    Saskia /

  • Katie

    *adds to wishlist* as you wish (and so do I now, too) xxx

  • Oh that sounds utterly amazing. Although I would passive aggressively rate humanity very low, every day. I think it would help with my inner rage though 🙂

  • Haha, that is brilliant. The notebooks with inspiring thoughts make me feel a little ill, I like this much better

  • oh that is fabulous, but then it is a notebook so I am bound to say that x

  • Back off lady, we’ve got a fiery little thing going on.

  • Yes, you must. We all must. EVERYBODY MUST.

  • I think it almost certainly does although it may then insult the hippies and be cast asunder.
    I’ll still love it.

  • HURRAH! I love it too much, it’s brilliant for whipping out when you just feel a little hatred for the world.

  • I wanted that one but worried I couldn’t fit the full size into my handbag. I panicked ok? I panicked. This one is brilliant though (I may also have bought My Dysfunctions too…)

  • So so great and so far not relegated to the fluff and tissue wasteland that is the bottom of my bag. I think this could be the one that makes it! X

  • I tell you what, it makes the world much more bearable. Like drawing a line under the wankers of the day and moving on.

  • Seriously, I do love it. Almost too much.

  • My very first hipster points, go me.
    I suspect I will never again earn hipster points. Humanity blows.

  • It is without doubt the best £6 I’ve spent in yonks. Ruddy bloody marvellous.

  • Maybe the blog fairy will send you one anonymously in the post if you send her an email with your address or something. She likes you.

  • Exactly that Elise, it makes me feel a bit better about the world when I can tar everyone with the same tick in a box and move on.

  • It reigns supreme and really does brighten my days in the darkest of ways. Hey, that rhymes. I suspect I’ve just ruined humanity for us all…

  • You’re not an animal Katie,of course it’s fabulous.

    For more notebook porn go visit Jenny …