Le Bread and Butter Pudding

bread and butter puddingAs my kitchen journey continues I’m becoming increasingly confident at the chuck-it-all-in-and see-what-happens-method; and on Sunday this happened^^

A beautiful British classic with a twist au francais.  I am still enormously in denial about the end of Summer but I hadn’t factored in this big autumnal post-roast kiss. Slathered (great word) in custard.

Someone hand me my leggings and let the winter weight gain begin.

Want one? It’s ridiculously* easy and you’ve probably got all the things you’ll need in the cupboard right now to feed four stodge loving faces:

Bread and Butter pudding ingredients

8 brioche rolls (chocolate chip optional but recommended), halved and buttered.
1 pint milk
4 eggs
About 3 heaped tablespoons sugar
(A big) Handful of dark chocolate chunks

Preheat the oven to 180C.

Line the bottom of a large, flat oven-proof bowl with half of the brioche to form the first layer. Ignore any inklings you have that they have to be packed in like sardines – they don’t – just make sure the base is covered with brioche butter side up.

Line the base

Chuck in some extra chocolate chunks. Eat a couple. Chuck in a few more.

Layer the remaining brioche on top.

Crack the eggs into the milk, tip the sugar in too and whisk til combined and golden looking. Pour the custardy mix all over the bread.

cover in custard

More chocolate chunks.

Pop the whole thing into the oven for about 30-40 minutes. Check the wobble, it should be just set and it’s good to go.

Add custard or cream and stick your face in the bowl.

Add custarrd

*so much so it’s almost not a recipe.

We had some brioche in the cupboard that were just about to go past edible too so it was a thrifty little number – oh mon dieu!

It’s obscenely early to be talking about ‘Winter Warmer’ recipes but imagine that we were, what would that go like? What are you bringing to the party?

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