Letters to the weekend #3

Wonwell Estuary

I found myself all alone this long weekend which as the Mother of Introverts I do rather like now and again. I did a tiny bit of out-roverting but mostly I pottered about the new house, read a book, cwtched Pete and Betty too much and watched Alien. I thank yow!

So to this weekend….

Dear Em and Ms Felange (her self chosen blogland pseudonym!) thank you for making me laugh so hard I pee’d a little on Saturday. Thanks too for encouraging me to draw a faux moustache on my face and hatch dastardly revenge plans involving over sized Disney princess castles and Angela Lansbury.

Dear Ms Felange’s amazing mamma (that sounds like a circus act…) thank you for the raspberries fresh from your garden that went so beautifully with the prosecco and giggles. And on that note dear ALL THE WINE thank you for sparing me the agony of a hangover even though friends and I used and abused you. See above.


Dear rubbish weather, you brought the husband back from his camping adventure 12 hours early and it was swell to see his little face, so thanks for that.

Dear new house, even though you aren’t even slightly finished yet I do love you very much and it was bodacious to spend some time alone with you this weekend. Sorry about the nudity.

Dear Advocate for Dogs, whilst I appreciate the convenience of carrying out all wormy-fleay things on the mutts in one go with one ‘spot on’ treatment, I don’t think the potential risks are made clear enough on your packaging and you nearly ruined Betty. I’m mostly a light hearted blogger but after the horror of seeing my Betty dog go from playful and cuddly to a pooch who was scared of her own shadow, who hid for five hours under the bed and who didn’t seem to recognise me through her glazed over eyes – even though I only dabbed a tiny bit of your solution on her neck – all I can say is I won’t be using you EVER again. Natural remedies all the way.

Dear Sarah, it was a real pleasure to meet the diva and the gentleman on Sunday and merci buckets for introducing me to my new favourite Devonish spot at Wonwell. That’s it up there ^^.

Dear blogland, I can only apologise. In spite of still having old posts to fix and a still serious missing comments issue, I did nothing, nada, zip on the blog this weekend and it was lovely to have a little break. Missed you though!

Dear whoever decided it would be so, thank you so very much for the extra day off. You’ll be pleased to know that I used my Monday wisely eating roast beef and cherry pie with my returning husband, falling a*se over breasticle in a wet field and reading interiors magazines. Quite the day.

How was your long weekend?

My little letters are of course not my brain child and were inspired by the ever inspirational Rosie.

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  • Katie

    All the wine and no hangover? Sounds like the perfect weekend! Add in cherry pie, interiors magazines and a reason to use the word breasticle and I reckon your weekend needs some kind of award! Maybe one of these*: https://www.etsy.com/uk/listing/130753402/a-fkn-medal-handmade-brooch-fucking
    * I really want one of those.

  • Wow – i need one of those medals katie mentioned!!
    was a lovely walk on Sunday with great company 🙂 Looking forward to the next one!

  • Well it sounds like you had a rather lovely weekend. Mine was quite lovely, with days out and lots of blackberry picking. That’s horrible about Betty – hope she is ok now! My doggy was feeling under the weather yesterday, he seems fine now though, I think he might of been faking it for the attention!

  • Rachael

    I do enjoy those little breaks from the blog. Sometimes its nice to just let it sit. Sucks about the rain though, those darn English bank holidays, the weather always knows!

  • Liesa V

    “Sorry about the nudity” oh you crack me up every time! I’m glad you had a lovely weekend!! 🙂 xx

  • Little blog breaks all the way! I’m in the middle of one at the moment, working on some new blog things but not really worrying about the actual blog. I like it 🙂 My weekend was reasonably successful, I made clotted cream! (That’s a success right?!), I made scones and I bought the jam… and I ate. ATE IT ALL.
    It’s raining crazy here too. Although I didn’t get a bank holiday and I was just at work… My bank holiday was last Friday… doesn’t feel natural on a Friday.

  • Oh dear Betty! That sounds horrible. We have lots of horrible fleas and heartworm so we have to use chemicals but I use a once a month oral treatment for Ted. I haven’t ever been a fan of the top spot, definitely not now.

  • Amy Wright

    What a fantastic sounding weekend! I spent mine looking after my nan on Saturday morning while Grandad went shopping and the Mr crawled around on their floor fixing cables and electronics up. Then we went out for lunch and did a little shopping. Sunday was spent at Duxford Museum getting my geek on with the Mr & my Dad and Monday it hammered with rain from morning tonight so I sat indoors in cosy clothes and did some studying – all in all a swell weekend!

  • Emma

    Your posts never fail to make me smile.

    I’m sure your house was lovin’ the full on nudity!

  • This sounds like the perfect weekend, it’s lovely just to chill out and relax sometimes. I love my own company and just ‘being’ without any pressure or to do’s. I spent my long weekend at my boyfriend’s house, watching films, eating food and just relaxing, it was lovely and very much needed.

    Emma x
    Writing Essays With Wine

  • I would wear that all day every day.
    M x

  • I know right? Amazing!
    And the moochy in the South Hams was pretty good too!
    M x

  • Haha, we definitely have some faking around these here parts too!
    She’s fine now, thanks lovely! And I know it was yonks ago but that sounds like a cracking weekend you had too!
    M x

  • Merci beaucoup gorgeous!
    M x

  • It REALLY bloody does. But I didnt even give in to blogging in the rain, I was playing hard core anti-blogger that weekend.
    M x

  • Bank holiday Friday sounds pretty out there but it’s got a ring to it that I like.
    And you MADE clotted cream? What? How? Why?
    M x

  • It was really bloody scary actually but she’s right as rain now (as right as she gets anyway!) Never again though.
    M x

  • Again I’m way behind but THAT ^^ sounds like a magnificent bank holiday!
    M x

  • I didn’t hear any complaints!
    M x

  • That sounds gorgeous Emma, ones own company/a bit of quiet time is not to be sniffed at.
    M x

  • I did! I need to share it on the blog.. it slipped my mind (I mean I got lazy!).

    What: Clotted cream.

    How: I followed this recipe: http://www.cupcakeproject.com/2009/09/clotted-cream-recipe-making-clotted.html

    Why: Because it’s awesome and I missed home.

    Next question?