Life #Lategram

Life Lategram

July was the month of the staycation (still despise the word with the fire of a thousand suns), the month I spent almost entirely outside by all accounts. I did a vlog…

It was the month I went to the rugby and bought hotdogs bigger than my head – that photo is screaming out for a ‘would be a shame if…; meme really isn’t it? Knock yourselves out.

In July Betty embraced her doghood and lived life to the full. Pete just looked mean and moody and spent a whole day pretending to be violently ill, faking that he’d grown an extra pair of phantom testicles where his old ones used to be. It was all LIES! He just wanted to listen to me phone the vets to explain that my dog had balls where there shouldn’t be balls. The second I hung up, right as rain. Git.

It was also the month I went to an air show and loved it far too much, under that ‘do my face looks like Christmas morning. I’m not cool and I’m good with that.  I saw a whole lot of my husband in July, #happyface but not very much at all of the step-kids #happyface. JOKES! Missed their little mushes.

I was reminded almost constantly throughout July that I live in the most beautiful part of the world. I challenge anyone who says otherwise to a duel.

Also bought myself some new wellies and found a shell on the beach and inexplicably felt the need to photograph them both.

How did you fare in July?

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