So I’ve mucked about with the blog a bit.

I completely detested the first attempt and whilst the lovely Lucy’s advice to wait and see if it grew on me was perfectly valid…I did not. Of course I didn’t but the good news is I’m much MUCH happier with round two.

I’ve still got a few tweaks to make and kinks to iron out (no cable ties, just regular coding kinks) but I’d love to know what you think.

Whilst changing all the things, I got side tracked reading some of my earlier posts. Is it completely and utterly narcissistic to lose an hour reading your own old witterings? Don’t answer, I already know.

It seems my ‘voice’ has changed a lot since I started this little blog. I think I used to sound more optimistic, lighter maybe at the very beginning. I wonder if the change is down to the pretty hardcore year we’ve had or whether the ‘fizz’ was just too much to maintain?

If you’re interested in going back to the very beginning here you go –  Puppy Loving, no judgments please on what things look like back there, it’s been a while…


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