Jeans: The Struggle is Real

M&S JeansFor about five years (8 months, 2 weeks and 4 days) I’ve been addicted, nay surgically attached, to my GAP Always Skinnies. I don’t want to put too much emphasis on a scrap of gloriously fitting denim but they were everything. Then I got spaniels. Spaniels do not respect the sanctity or torture of the hunt for perfect jeans. I’ve gone through no fewer than four pairs in the last 18 months alone, a highlight being that time they ripped the arse out of a pair without my knowing – I got all the way around Waitrose before noticing the draft. For shame.

I live in jeans though, as is the wont of the stylistically challenged, and  having a decent fitting, hard wearing, comfier than jimjams pair is a must.

So, when my last pair of GAPs gave up the ghost, the search was on.

Flash forward to me in Marks and Spencer looking for walnut whips, control top tights and dog food. Trying to keep eyes front en route to the food hall, I spied a flash of denim out of the corner of my eye. Bravo visual merchandisers, bravo.

Skinny? Check. The right blue? Check. Shall I try them on? Am I really going to do this…?

Apparently so. I lunged around a bit, admired my bottom in them, wondered if I really might be a person who buys M&S jeans, lunged some more. It’s all about the lunge.

M&S Jeans

M&S Jeans

Then I bought the jeans.

I say jeans, Marks and Sparks are calling them jeggings. They’re not like any jeggings I’ve ever known. They’re the same weight as my other jeans, they have real pockets and they don’t make me feel like my a mum trying to be all down with the kids (it’s alright, she stopped reading yonks ago!) Maybe they mean because of the stretch? They do give good stretch.

M&S Jeans

I sat in the car for a bit weeping at my lost long forgotten pre-GAP Topshop jeans wearing youth, shovelling walnut whips into my face and clutching the new jeans to my bosom shrieking ‘whyyyyyyyyyy?? Why me?’  It didn’t go unnoticed that I was mopping my tears with the softest denim that ever there was.

M&S JeansSo, for half of the price of my old faithfuls, I’d found the new holy grail of denim. They’re comfy, stretchy and oh so soft. They feel pretty hard wearing too, I’ll let you know. They’re my new everything.

Everyone’s perfect jean is different but the next time you’re looking, try M&S. You might just find The Ones.

And if you don’t, console yourself with the walnut whips and look again.

M&S jeans, £22.50, do it. Do you live in denim? Where are your faves from?

I realised too late that sharing the secret of the brilliant jeans also meant taking pictures of me in the jeans which I loathe.

Here, have some outtakes.

M&S Jeans

M&S Jeans

M&S Jeans

M&S Jeans

The dog had brought me my own tights. Thanks Pete.

Also, just dawned on me, the mug and jumper are also M&S. I should probably just suck it up.

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  • The bloomin’ search for jeans…grrrr! I have literally been living in some jeggings (never thought I would EVER buy jeggings, surely they are for teenagers?) – mine are from next…they look like skinny jeans, they keep their shape (gasp!) and they hold me in (many, many whoop-whoops!) – can’t beat good old M & S though… more and more of my clothes are coming from there… does that tell me something? LOVE the out-takes!xx

  • Bethan

    Jeans have to be the worst thing to buy! I can never find ones which fit perfectly, although I do have a couple of GAP Always skinny ones which are pretty good. I try and buy them when they’re on offer though because I hate spending £45!
    M&S seems to be getting better at everything, every time I go in there I spot things I like. xx

  • I’ve never tried the jeggings but I can vouch for their Sculpt & Lift jeans – they’re the only jeans that have ever managed to encompass my disproportionately large bottom without making me look a bit silly! Definitely going to have to check the jeggings out too…

    Sophie Cliff

  • Helen

    I bought M and S sculpting jeans for the first time last month and they’re ace, so I think there’s no shame about getting denim from there. Also, M and S’ manufacturing process is way more ethical than Gap or Topshop’s, so you win on that score too.

  • Hehe I love the snaps!! I actually never wear jeans, I’m very much a dress and legging gal but maybe I will get into them more if they are comfortable. I was actually in M+S the other day and they had some awesome workwear, need to head back!

    Jasmin Charlotte

  • Hahaha this post made me laugh! The struggle for jeans is for sure. And in fact eventhough i’ve tracked down a good few old faithfuls that i love and that fit just right, are just the right colour, weight fabric etc, i still am always on the hunt for the next most perfect pair. Like white tees and bretons. I never stop looking. M&S have DEFO upped their game in more things than Walnut Whips lately {in other news have you SEEN the fancy pants dessert whips you can get now?!?!? say whaaat?!? I darent try them for fear that i’ll go missing and i’ll be found in a hedge somewhere in some kind of posh walnut whip-shaped coma}..Where were we?! Oh jeans, M&S and JEEEEEANS – i’m back in the room.

    M&S have some lovely printed skinnies this season too – some sweet teeny tiny white spotted ones, just distressed enough to stop ’em looking a bit twee or like you have been attacked by a teeny tiny beetle wearing tippex on his shoes. And also some kind of….bohemian, mandala faded printed ones that i just love. I daren’t try them on because actually i need jeans like a hole in the head but i’m not promising that i wont…yet.

    I’ve got….*countsonfingers* four coats from M&S over the last two years or so AND i’ve also ordered pretty much all of the #archivebyalexa range that hit down this week.

    Am i also old?!? I don’t think i am. I’m canny. Like when somebody hits onto a great thing that nobody else has and doesn’t tell anyone and is all smug about it.

    Except i’m writing it on here for all and sundry to see {who are sundry anyway?!}.

    I’m going to pipe down. Can you tell i’ve had a long day?

    Happy weekend-ing to you and yours and may you and your trendy wonderful jeans live a long and prosperous life xxxxxx

  • Yes!!! I LOVE these jeans – I have them in a ton of colours; I’ve almost become a trouser person because of them. Well done, M&S!

  • These look so good on you, what a perfect fit! I might join the club, I’ve always been a River Island Mollie jeggings girl but they do go a bit saggy at the knees! M&S here I come!

  • As discussed before I’m about to scuttle off to buy some…who needs Topshop anyway?!


  • love the outtakes, and having never had a topshop/gap phase I accepted my M&S jean wearing from an early age – maybe I was just ahead of my time (or old before my years). The hunt for the perfect jeans is an epic one, I am glad you succeeded!!

  • reneejessome

    Those jeans look so comfy! I cannot Wait to wear normal jeans again (nothing fits being a preggo whale). Loving the outtakes 🙂

    Renee | Lose The Road

  • Ooooh they look gorgeous! I think I may have to have a peek on the M&S website, I must admit (trying so hard not to sound like my mum here) that some of favourite items of clothing are M&S and they’re years and years old, they still fit in exactly the same way and look like new. God I sound like my mum.

  • Awww I love the outtakes photos with the dogs, so cute! Those jeans do look good and I’m the same, once I find the dream pair I stick with them. Currently those are the black, wonder fit jeans that George at ASDA have been making, they’re just so comfy! I must check out the M&S pairs though. – Tasha

  • I love a good pair of jeans! Honestly I wear probably two pairs one is darker blue and one is lighter. Loved the photos at the end! Love this post! 🙂 x
    Kenzie //

  • The struggle for jeans is real. I’m not a sadist, but it’s really reassuring, and kinda heart warming, to read other people’s woes!

    There’s absolutely nothing wrong with M&S – if they fit and make you feel awesome and look awesome, who’s to care where they’re from! M&S is still the only place I will buy underwear.

  • Apart from laughing aloud at those outtakes this post has also reminded me about the M&S jeans that I used to own and how much I loved them. Why didn’t I replace them when they fell apart? What was I thinking? I’m pretty sure I need to hop, skip and a jump my way down to M&S and get shopping. I might have to get that jumper too…. 😉
    Laura x

  • Congratulations on your denim-related success! I wish you many happy years together!

    Go lunge and be free!

  • Em

    My dad always buys me stuff that I love from m&s all the time and even though I wander through the shop, I never spot what he does. It’s full of hidden gems in between mum clothes! I bought some m&s jeans from the limited collection and I love them, but I’ll be trying the jeggings next time I’m in there. x

  • Katie

    Congratulations! Finding good jeans is one of the few kinds of shopping I don’t like (that, and shoe shopping; because I have Giant Man Feet that can’t fit in Pretty Girl Shoes). They look most excellent on you; M&S should also be congratulated. I hope you’re doing the (M&S approved) sensible thing and going back to buy three more pairs. I genuinely did that recently when I found some good shoes in the sale. Now if they get gnawed to death* I’ve got an identical replacement waiting in the wings. xxx

    * I don’t have pets, or kids, but there’s still a chance that could happen, right? Sometimes I get very hungry when I’ve been drinking wine.