Marriage Chat Two


As before this is not some wondrous marital advice, just a collection of the most fun bits of our little life of late. I like to think I’m vaguely amusing but really this is just a collection of things that my husband comes out with that are funnier than anything from my mind tank.

Him: “What? Have you never seen a man body popping in his slippers?”

It’s a good question to be fair and no, I hadn’t. I have now.

Me whilst clearing a hairbrush: Ewww, so much hair. It looks like a merkin.

Him: “What’s a merkin?”

Me, innocently: “Why don’t you Google it….”

Him: I think Alan might be my new best friend.

Me: Erm, who is Alan exactly?

Him: That guy who came to measure our kitchen.

Me: Why is Russell Crowe in St Helens?

Him: If I was Russell Crowe I’d just stand in the middle of every room and shout ‘ARE YOU NOT ENTERTAINED?’ Wouldn’t you?

Yep, probably.

In the middle of the night after I’d been out for delicious french dinner with someone other than my husband and when he’d been responsible for providing his own sustenance – a quiche and hash brown concoction, ick:

Him: are you awake?

Me: weird nighttime not really awake at all noise that might be spelt thus – nnnhfghh

Him: are you alright?

Me (slightly concerned and more awake): “Erm yes, are you?”

Him: No, not really.

Me (even more concerned): Why? What’s up? Is it the dogs…?
I didnt really ask about the dogs, does it amuse you to think I did?

Him: I still can’t believe you went out for a six course dinner and I ate hash sodding browns. Alone.

I think I read something saccharine on Hello Giggles about how the sign of a good relationship is that you talk about stuff. I think we pass that test husband, high five.

Have you ever seen a man body popping in his slippers?

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