National Pet Month: All About My Tribe #Ad

National Pet MonthLike the pooch lover who recently made his dog employee of the quarter, I like to think I’m pretty good at letting Pete and Betty know just how much of an integral part of my daily life they are. However, when Tesco Bank asked if we’d like to do something a bit more special to celebrate our friendship in honour of National Pet Month, of course I jumped at the chance.

Starting on 1st April, National Pet Month celebrates awesome pet friendships across the land as well as trying to reduce re-homing levels by encouraging you to do your homework before bringing a new fur baby into the family.

As a self-confessed lifelong dog botherer, I was pretty sure I knew what I was letting myself in for with a spaniel. The husband and I did our research, talked to friends and family and hung out with a lot of spaniels to learn about their particular quirks (high energy, completely barmy and totally loveable FYI). In short, we made sure our lives could cope with a spaniel.

And then we got two.

The day we went to pick Betty up, it turned out that Pete’s furever home had fallen through. Twice.  And I just couldn’t leave him there to take his chances. He is the undisputed king of the puppy dog eyes.

We live a very active life and are lucky enough to be surrounded by plenty of fantastic walks and beaches for Pete and Betty to enjoy so they were a perfect fit for us and slotted right into our little world as if they’d always been there. It really helped that we knew what to expect before we brought them home.

You can figure out the right fit for you by really doing your research, there’s a wealth of information out there. Is the breed you like super energetic or a massive snoozer? Are they going to grow too big to handle? Are they good with children? Hopefully you’ll have your pooch for over a decade so it’s an important consideration. And you need to be really honest with yourself: do you have the time, energy and money to give your dog the best life? If the answer to any one of those is no then perhaps think again.

For me, Pete and Betty were the best choice. They instantly became my tribe, my absolute bffs. They listen when I rant, they lie patiently by my side whilst I’m working or writing things on the internet about them. They are ALWAYS ready to come on an adventure with me in the great outdoors. No one else is ever so excited to see me that they inadvertently bite my bum! In celebration of our most special of friendships, I treated Pete and Betts to their best. Day. Ever.  Which incidentally wasn’t too shabby for me either.

We kicked off with a little garden party with one of our best friends and complete blonde bombshell Molly. I serenely drank tea with Molly’s mum* whilst those three splashed about in the sprinkler, played in the ball pool and got up to all kinds of mischief.

National Pet Month

There’s always that one friend who ruins the photo…

National Pet MonthNational Pet MonthNational Pet MonthNational Pet MonthSpaniels LOVE the water so phase two involved a whole lot of digging, splashing and seagull chasing on the beach.National Pet MonthNational Pet MonthNational Pet MonthOur perfect day ended with some of our favourite snacks and treats, kindly provided by Tesco Bank Pet Insurance and a good snuggle on the sofa.National Pet MonthNational Pet MonthNational Pet MonthTell me all about your fur friends.

*of course I didn’t. this is what I did.National Pet MonthNational Pet Month

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