A New Project : Devon Knows

I know, I know, when you’re feeling disillusioned with your existing blog I suspect that the worst possible thing to do is to set up an entirely new one with your best mate. Guilteeeeee.

But we did. We’ve talked for a long time about wanting to do more to tell folks about our most beautiful part of the world and all the goings on around here. I mean, sure you can’t get a latte at 3 in the morning (at least nowhere I’ve been!) but you do get thisDevon KnowsAnd thisDevon KnowsAnd thisDevon KnowsEvery which way you turn and we think everyone deserves to know a little more about that. So, if you’re from round these here parts or know anyone who is or wants to be, send them in the direction of Devon Knows where we’ll be sharing all of our most precious Devonish secrets from beautiful beaches to the dog friendliest spots (obvs!) to the best places to get a cream tea or a pasty. Cliches? Us?

We hope in time that other local bloggers will contribute their own favourite bits of Devon, what better way is there to learn all about a place than from the people who live there?

In the meantime come and find us on the social media and share your own top Devon tips with the #devonknows




What Does That Mean for Life Outside London? 

I realised that I most definitely want to be here, prattling on about anything and everything that takes my fancy. There might be more of a career focus, maybe more opinion bits and absolutely no less pooch and Devon porn.

Peace out.

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  • YAY FOR NEW PROJECTS! I think sometimes the BEST thing you can do when you’re feeling disillusioned with one thing is start a new thing. Because you’ll either love the new thing more, or realise that the old thing is a thing you still love and want to be a part of <3

    PS. Immensely relieved that pooch and Devon porn will still also be a thing. xxx

  • WAHOO for bigging up the unsung county that is Devon (I feel like Cornwall gets ALL the attention). As a North Devon gal myself, I’m looking forward to reading more about places to explore down South!

    If you ever are in need of reviewing a few places a little further North I can hook you up with some AMAZING little cafes and little nooks no-one knows about! xx

    Lynsey || One More Slice

  • Emma Fisher

    Ooooh. I’ll be adding this to my reader and following with glee. I love your posts on where you’ve been. Plus your posts often give me a glimpse of the sea that I crave! X

  • YAY for all things Devon! I’m so excited to read about your recommendations – being at uni in Exeter (where none of my friends are from Devon either) a blog dedicated to all things Devon-ish is beyond perfect!

    As for where you’ll fit in blogging here, I’d say just go with your gut, try not to put any pressure on yourself and just write when/if you feel like it – there’s no point if you’re not loving it because, after all,
    this wonderful space is yours (although, of course, I love reading all your posts here).

    Hope you’re having a wonderful weekend!

    Anna xx | The Girl In The Moon

  • Kel

    I’m miles from Devon but I’ll be reading eagerly in hopes of a visit in the not-too-distant future!

  • Just got back from Devon really wish I could move there. Will definitely follow blog x

  • Ooh this does sound exciting and definitely a blog I’d be happy to read! I love Devon and a blog where you’re sharing your favourite spots and hidden secrets just sounds brilliant. These photos are gorgeous, so I’ve already bookmarked your new blog and will be visiting shortly! – Tasha

  • Ooh, good luck with the new site, it looks lovely, and I shall definitely use it as a source of all reliable information should we ever venture down that way xx

  • I love the idea of the new site and what an exciting new project! I’ve never visited Devon but your photos make me want to make the time to get down there, maybe for a long weekend in the next month or so.

    Sam • Paper & Lilacs

  • Good luck with the new project! I always love your Devon pics – they are stunning! x

  • Gwennan Rees

    Having just got back from North Devon this was everything I needed to satisfy my cravings to go back! Those pictures oh my lord

  • Appreciate the Day

    Well bloomy heck Devon is beautiful isn’t it? I can’t wait to see all your secrets and take full advantage of them. Also just saying I know where to get latte at 3am in Plymouth, but that may be my student voice talking.
    Kate xx

  • Do you really?? This I have to know!! Also, you are more than welcome to be on the exploratory squad – we need a posse!
    M x

  • Oh the North is just gorgeous!! I’m hoping I can use this as all kinds of excuses to explore a bit further past my doorstep.
    M x

  • Thanks lovely one, I’m hoping it’ll help me focus things a bit over here and encourage me to get out and about even more than I do! Plus I get to do it with my best mate, that can’t be bad!
    M x

  • I thank yow! Fingers crossed we can do it justice!
    And if you do come down here then be sure to consult Devon Knows for all your travel needs (or, you know, just give me a shout and we can grab coffee!)
    M x

  • Aaah thanks so much, I hope we can really do it justice (by which I mean, find the time to get out and about more!)
    M x

  • Aah thank you sweet, I really hope we can just share even a tiny bit of the magic of Devon, there’s so much here for folks to see
    M x

  • Aaah just do it! Devon’s ace. Or at least just follow along here until you can!
    M x

  • In return I’ll make sure to cajole you into visiting as much as I possibly can!
    M x

  • Thank you so much for your wise advice, I’ve been doing just that and I’m already starting to feel the love again!
    Hope you find some fab Devon gems on the new blog (we just tried brunch at Meat59 on Magdalen Road – it was FAB!)
    M x

  • Yay! AND maybe I can tempt you to stop off on your next journey to the deep south!!
    M x

  • Cornwall really DOES get all the good stuff, no more my friend. No more.

    And yes yes yes to recommendations in the North please and thank you. Perhaps you can show me around?
    M x

  • Right? I did feel all kinds of bright and shiny as I hit publish on the new one AND felt a little tiny surge of love for this old space.
    And the pooch spam and southern porn is going nowhere. And breathe.
    M x

  • It’s so true, it really is a lovely, magical place to visit and live in – so I’ll make sure I try and stay up to date with it!

  • Sounds like a plan! x