A New Project : Devon Knows

I know, I know, when you’re feeling disillusioned with your existing blog I suspect that the worst possible thing to do is to set up an entirely new one with your best mate. Guilteeeeee.

But we did. We’ve talked for a long time about wanting to do more to tell folks about our most beautiful part of the world and all the goings on around here. I mean, sure you can’t get a latte at 3 in the morning (at least nowhere I’ve been!) but you do get thisDevon KnowsAnd thisDevon KnowsAnd thisDevon KnowsEvery which way you turn and we think everyone deserves to know a little more about that. So, if you’re from round these here parts or know anyone who is or wants to be, send them in the direction of Devon Knows where we’ll be sharing all of our most precious Devonish secrets from beautiful beaches to the dog friendliest spots (obvs!) to the best places to get a cream tea or a pasty. Cliches? Us?

We hope in time that other local bloggers will contribute their own favourite bits of Devon, what better way is there to learn all about a place than from the people who live there?

In the meantime come and find us on the social media and share your own top Devon tips with the #devonknows




What Does That Mean for Life Outside London? 

I realised that I most definitely want to be here, prattling on about anything and everything that takes my fancy. There might be more of a career focus, maybe more opinion bits and absolutely no less pooch and Devon porn.

Peace out.

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