Wonderful Wednesday: Normal Service Will Resume…


Normal blog service will resume at some point in the not so distant future. Maybe this week. Maybe next week. But right now? Right now I’m off to collapse into a work-broken heap and ugly sob with happiness at my finally finished kitchen after not one but two false finishing alarms this week (screw you builder men p.s. thanks for my pretty cupboards. Not thanks for discussing hardware with the husband and directing your instructions about the sink to me).

Tonight will also involve making a barbecued feast for a first meeting with the teenagers boyfriend. Whilst yes, my brain is occupied with the monstrosity that has been this week – including but not limited to an epic tea-tastrophe, almost losing my office keys in the skip and SO MUCH WORK – I can’t deny that a not small part of me is wondering just how embarrassing parent I can go for this first meeting. It’s one of lifes’ greatest pleasures.

So, I hope you’re having a majestic week full of unicorns and wonderment, I am not but I have a new kitchen and no fewer than two new striped dresses so it’s not all bad.

If you’re missing me then go read this weeks’ column in which I once again rant on about my vagina being my own business and I sort of a little bit predict the future seeing as I wrote it on Sunday and all.

How the dickens is your week going?

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