November was busy. All the months are so busy and full to bursting but November was especially frantic. I don’t think I use Instagram like a Real Blogger, I use it like a human being, so here’s the busy November through my all seeing eye(phone). High five? Up top anyone? For the whole ‘eyePhone’ thing? Don’t leave me hanging…

Meh, Novembergram.


Top – l to r

  • One time the sky was blue enough to make my little heart happy. #nofilter BUT…
  • I got rained on. A lot. I tried to do too much in November which meant I spent much of the month weeping and getting rained on. It was a good time.
  • Got my hair done in the most instagrammable place known to man. The ‘do looked bodacious for about 3 minutes. See above re rain.

Middle – l to r

  • I found a pile of books and precariously balanced tea on top of them on a Monday morning to take a nice picture for the blog. A dog jumped on me and ruined it.
  • I did yoga (with Adrienne), Betty and her stuffed hotdog were supportive.
  • The sun rose and set many, many times. Here’s my favourite.

Bottom – l to r

  • Stepsie number 1 and I had a date at the rugby. It was cold but marvellous, see how cheery we were. Whilst we’re at Step Momming, stepsie number 2 has had a brilliant week, pride levels are high.
  • I shovelled this whole cupcake into my face but not before taking a picture of it. I did a lot of cupcakes this month in an attempt to avoid all festive treats before 1st December. FYI I firmly believe that starting to wear Santa hats and eat all the mince pies in September somewhat devalues the whole Christmas thing and I refuse to do it. Work buddies have labelled me ‘Scrooge’. Joke’s on them come 1st December – I freaking LOVE Christmas. You’ll see. YOU’LL ALL SEE. Big lolz all round.
  • The sea looked gert lush. It always does though.

And a special bonus round of Pete being a nosy git. What a creep.

Nosy Pete

How was your November? Tell me some stuff.

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  • Kezzie

    Ha, you are so funny Michelle!!!! The tea and books comment made me laugh, as did the rain (sorry!!) As did Peeping Pete!!!
    Yes, I get it about the festive treats etc, although I.bought a stash of Christmas chocolate Santa lollies for my music club kids and was so desperate for chocolate on about er-10 occasions that I’ve even a fair few!!!

    P.s. I wondered if I could cheekily ask a favour at all please? have entered Lady Vintage’s Hall of Fame photo competition with my outfit and I would be SO grateful if you liked my outfit out of those who have entered enough to give it a like on Facebook.   If your husband, boyfriend, cat, dog or significant other felt so inclined to take a look too, (like a few have!), I would be very grateful!  Especially as I am now 100 behind the leader!!! Waaaaah!!!!

  • You know what? I kind of hate how there’s a “bloggers way” of using Instagram and others. I just want to use it, but then I share your feelings too. In the end I just give up and share on instagram whatever I want to!

    Pete’s adorable!

    November’s been a long month, but I’m still amazed at how it’s pretty much the end of 2015 already. I say this ever year, but I swear each year, the years go by quicker.

  • Josie

    I love how your insta is so full of happy moments (and cute doggies!) I actually almost slapped myself the other day because I was stressing that my insta wasn’t sticking to a theme – the ridiculousness of that!!! x

    Josie | Sick Chick Chic

  • If you’re creative (or possibly tired) it looks like Pete is trying to sniff out the cake, right? Right?

    In other news, you’re catching some pretty banging (it’s what the cool kids say) clouds in your arty sunrise picture! They look so fluffy! xx

  • Kerri

    Real people instagram is so much more fun. I think I need to up my real people instagram game. You provide ample competition.

    Nice to see you had a lovely November.