November was busy. All the months are so busy and full to bursting but November was especially frantic. I don’t think I use Instagram like a Real Blogger, I use it like a human being, so here’s the busy November through my all seeing eye(phone). High five? Up top anyone? For the whole ‘eyePhone’ thing? Don’t leave me hanging…

Meh, Novembergram.


Top – l to r

  • One time the sky was blue enough to make my little heart happy. #nofilter BUT…
  • I got rained on. A lot. I tried to do too much in November which meant I spent much of the month weeping and getting rained on. It was a good time.
  • Got my hair done in the most instagrammable place known to man. The ‘do looked bodacious for about 3 minutes. See above re rain.

Middle – l to r

  • I found a pile of books and precariously balanced tea on top of them on a Monday morning to take a nice picture for the blog. A dog jumped on me and ruined it.
  • I did yoga (with Adrienne), Betty and her stuffed hotdog were supportive.
  • The sun rose and set many, many times. Here’s my favourite.

Bottom – l to r

  • Stepsie number 1 and I had a date at the rugby. It was cold but marvellous, see how cheery we were. Whilst we’re at Step Momming, stepsie number 2 has had a brilliant week, pride levels are high.
  • I shovelled this whole cupcake into my face but not before taking a picture of it. I did a lot of cupcakes this month in an attempt to avoid all festive treats before 1st December. FYI I firmly believe that starting to wear Santa hats and eat all the mince pies in September somewhat devalues the whole Christmas thing and I refuse to do it. Work buddies have labelled me ‘Scrooge’. Joke’s on them come 1st December – I freaking LOVE Christmas. You’ll see. YOU’LL ALL SEE. Big lolz all round.
  • The sea looked gert lush. It always does though.

And a special bonus round of Pete being a nosy git. What a creep.

Nosy Pete

How was your November? Tell me some stuff.

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