October According to Instagram

October has been a mighty weird old month. I spent half of it completely rushed off my feet and the last week hobbling around after taking a tumble down the stairs and bruising-slash-spraining every single bone/joint/ligament/bit of my body. Ouch. And yes, of course I tripped over a dog.

It’s been one of those months where I’ve had to turn down as many invitations as I’ve accepted – due to lack of time or abundance of physical injury – caught up with as many people as I’ve missed and achieved about as much as I’ve put on the back burner. I can’t say I’ve been a fan of it and both the quality and quantity of sleep I’ve had took quite the nosedive. Poor old husband!

Any sleep tips to share that I’m not aware of? Make them good though: tears of a unicorn mixed with dandelion root and an iPhone battery? Tried it. Didn’t work.

My October through the (this month at least) ever realistic lens of Instagram:


From l to r

I got dolled up and went off to an awards do with my most serious face on (and a dress from ASDA!)
Saw these odd little pumpkin-esque bobbles on a tree this morning, what are they? TELL ME.
Pete looked after me after I fell down the stairs…just as soon as he’d stopped jumping all over my sore bits.

I went to watch the Chiefs annihilate London Irish. It was a glorious day and a damn good match. I chanted.
Betty walked her painty paws all through the lounge and then stopped making eye contact for the rest of the day.
I learnt that I have too much hair to blow dry before work. Actually, I already knew that, I just quite like my hair in this photo!

I laughed for far too long at pretending I was Pete’s arms.
I drank a lot of tea in my favourite mug whilst whinging and wincing and demanding all the sympathy.
Got pinned to the kitchen floor in a ball gown by Betty dog before bed. Standard.

My goals for November are few and beautiful in their simplicity:

Sleep more
Blog more
Read more
Schmooze less

For more puppy spam and fewer pictures of me in dresses, come join me in Instaland.

How’s your October been?

When September Ends
  • Oh dear that is not good, you poor thing, I hope you are starting to feel better now. I have to say you look totally gorgeous in your ASDA dress! And I love Betty’s painted paw look, she is onto a winner there! My October has been fast, I am not excatly sure where it went or what I did. Oh well. Have a great weekend! xx

  • I hope you are on the mend lovely. That sounded like a painful one 🙁
    On the sleeping note – I have been struggling to settle too so did a little 20 minute ‘Yoga for Bedtime’ thing from the YouTube Channel Yoga with Adriene… I felt like a bit of a prize idiot to start with but also felt super zoned out afterwards – it helped to be able to have YouTube on our TV screen as I am pretty sure that squinting at your phone won’t help matters! Other than that a nice warm, but not hot bath? Option 3 – whiskey! xx

  • Heather

    Hope you’re feeling remarkably better now! Pete is looking adorable in that top right picture. My October has been weird, my first full month living in university halls – although I’ve been home quite a lot! Blog, sleep and read more are definitely November goals I need to keep in mind too 🙂

    Heather x

  • Anna

    :O WHAT?!?! YOUR DRESS WAS FROM ASDA! NO WAY! It looks so glamorous & really top of the high street or actually even designer, I’m actually gob smacked! you do however look incredible (as always of course)!
    Love catching up with your month on here, even though I do see it first on your insta 🙂 xxxx

  • So I thought ASDA must be a really flash place but the comments below make me think otherwise. Either way, I love that dress and you look amazing. Huge ERGHH to the achey (I cannot work out how to spell that word) ligamenty horribilus. I imagine Pete-love fixes most things.

  • Oh no! I hope you’re mending up OK! Damn dogs, they probably didn’t mean to push you 🙂

    ASDA have some pretty awesome bits every now and then! I do miss ASDA something, especially the home delivery!

    Sleep-wise: Have you tried antihistamines, the ones that do make you drowsy? I’m a terrible sleeper and get run down with insomnia quite a bit, these sometimes help me to sleep a whole night.

  • Well surely November can only be better for you, right? Fingers crossed you get your four wishes. And lots more dog snuggles with those gorgeous creatures! xxx

  • Lisa and Stella

    I’m sort of lucky in that my migraine medication makes me drowsy but it also means I’m now utterly rubbish in the mornings instead of a bit rubbish in the mornings! I feel your tumbling-down-the-stairs pain, been there, done that, fell over work things my ex-husband had left lying around…whenever I fall over a dog I always make sure it’s in public so all the people can see too! 😉 Hope your bruises aren’t too sore my lovely x

  • Looks like a good month, well besides that fall, that doesn’t sounds to good. Love the unicorn tears bit, I actually laughed out loud. October was crazy crazy busy, and I have high hopes of taking it easy this November!


  • Katie

    So sorry about your tumble- I hope the bruises heal swiftly! Wishing you a much more relaxing November, and I’m all for you blogging more – you are most excellent at it. xxx

  • duck in a dress

    I do love that Asda dress, you look very glam! Definitely don’t love the tumbles and trips though, hope you’re managing to rest up a bit and are healing okay – my advice, take lots of painkillers! 🙂 xx

  • Emma

    Youch! That sounds like a nasty tumble.

    Sleep tips? I’ve heard some carbs an hour before bed helps give you a carb crash to sleep. Slice of toast slathered with butter should to the trick!


  • Everyone I know seems to feel that way about October! Hope your November is brilliant (a trip to Bruges is making that look likely!)
    M x

  • Oh thanks! I’ve subscribed to Adriene…I just need to make some yoga time!
    Until then, hand me the whiskey.
    M x

  • Oooh not a lot of sleep in Uni halls Heather! Hope it’s all going brilliantly!
    M x

  • You’re adorable, thank you Anna banana
    M x

  • Haha, nope, not an ounce of flash here!
    M x

  • They plotted. I heard the little bastards.
    And I’m going to resort to an old tried and trusted travel sickness / drowsiness inducing tablets I think. We’re at that stage…
    M x

  • Thank you my lovely….November is pretty bonkers too so far!!
    M x

  • The morning medication hangover is the worst!
    the bumps and donks are getting better each day, merci!
    M x

  • How’s taking it easy going?? I’ve forgotten what that is. Send help!
    M x

  • You are most delightful…but I’m already cocking up the blogging more thing.
    I suck.
    M x

  • Thanking you kindly ma’am.
    M x

  • Between you and me and the internet, really bloody hurt Em! But on the mend now!
    And hot buttered toast before bed is something I could definitely get on board with.
    M x

  • Charlotte Jimenez

    Your dog is adorable!