October According to Instagram

October has been a mighty weird old month. I spent half of it completely rushed off my feet and the last week hobbling around after taking a tumble down the stairs and bruising-slash-spraining every single bone/joint/ligament/bit of my body. Ouch. And yes, of course I tripped over a dog.

It’s been one of those months where I’ve had to turn down as many invitations as I’ve accepted – due to lack of time or abundance of physical injury – caught up with as many people as I’ve missed and achieved about as much as I’ve put on the back burner. I can’t say I’ve been a fan of it and both the quality and quantity of sleep I’ve had took quite the nosedive. Poor old husband!

Any sleep tips to share that I’m not aware of? Make them good though: tears of a unicorn mixed with dandelion root and an iPhone battery? Tried it. Didn’t work.

My October through the (this month at least) ever realistic lens of Instagram:


From l to r

I got dolled up and went off to an awards do with my most serious face on (and a dress from ASDA!)
Saw these odd little pumpkin-esque bobbles on a tree this morning, what are they? TELL ME.
Pete looked after me after I fell down the stairs…just as soon as he’d stopped jumping all over my sore bits.

I went to watch the Chiefs annihilate London Irish. It was a glorious day and a damn good match. I chanted.
Betty walked her painty paws all through the lounge and then stopped making eye contact for the rest of the day.
I learnt that I have too much hair to blow dry before work. Actually, I already knew that, I just quite like my hair in this photo!

I laughed for far too long at pretending I was Pete’s arms.
I drank a lot of tea in my favourite mug whilst whinging and wincing and demanding all the sympathy.
Got pinned to the kitchen floor in a ball gown by Betty dog before bed. Standard.

My goals for November are few and beautiful in their simplicity:

Sleep more
Blog more
Read more
Schmooze less

For more puppy spam and fewer pictures of me in dresses, come join me in Instaland.

How’s your October been?

When September Ends