When Not To Give Your Blog A Facelift

blog overhaulThings look a bit different around here eh? A little slicker. A bit fancier. I mean look, look at the front page, if I was a better photographer that thing would be b-e-a-utiful.

Last night, at a time when I should really have been lying about feeling a bit sorry for myself and moaning about my sore throat, I decide to do an overhaul. In my defence I was home alone with no-one to whinge at and I was utterly convinced that there was no better time. I made a tenuous link to the blogs’ birthday (IN AUGUST).  I talked my tiny brain into believing that my recent malaise with blogging was down to aesthetics rather than a lack of time to turn my piles of ideas into actual posts.  I know, I know, I’m a superficial cow*. I had also just really messed up the June bit of my bullet journal and I needed a quick win ok? So, without reading the handy Pipdig installation instructions – because who does – and egged on by a (at the very least) tipsy teenager who‘d just come through the door, I hit the upload button.

I adore the new template but last night the tiredness took over and when I couldn’t find my snapchat code in three seconds I had a little frustrated weep and just closed the laptop mid job. Story of my life right there.  It means there might be some squiffy bits and I almost certainly need to get on and update some links, replace some ropey pictures with some marginally less ropey ones and to make some little tweaks here and there. I woke up feeling a bit excited though, for the first time in ages I felt motivated to spend some time on the blog. It was all getting a little stale maybe? Perhaps I’d outgrown it? Maybe I saw the template I liked a few months ago and have actually dreamt about it once or twice *cough* weekly.

All of those are true and all are completely valid reasons to overhaul your blog too.overhaul

When should you not overhaul your blog? When you’re tired, ill, have decided right there and then that there’s no other option and are being very much enabled by drunken teens. Every other time you should go for it, a change is as good as a rest.

Five things I wish I’d thought about first:

  1. Get your social media profiles and log in details ready.
  2. Think (for more than thirty seconds) about what you want your new design to look like.
  3. Plan your widgets, sidebars and footers. It’s much easier to have these ready than to have to keep refreshing when you’ve shifted something a mm to the left. Sigh. That’s not to say you can’t tweak as you’re going along, it’s just easier to have the lions share done.
  4. Don’t publish a blog post and then instantly turn your blog into a weird inaccessible wasteland of ‘maintenance mode.’ People can’t read stuff that way you fool.
  5. Don’t also randomly decide to update your logo and branding at the same time, that’s too much for one brain.

What do you think of Life Outside London 2.0? Let me know. Oh and definitely let me know if anything’s really off, I don’t want any penis pics in the sidebar. It could happen…

*s’alright, one day I’ll take over the world. Winky emoji thing.

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