Pete Tong and The Heritage Orchestra

Wonderful Wednesday 2018Bear with, I can’t write things about banging tunes and ‘sets’ without wanting to punch myself in the face just a little.

Musically gifted I most definitely am not. FYI that does not stop me spending hours crafting the perfect playlist for any occasion, life event or car journey lasting more than 5 minutes, nor does it stop me caterwauling at the very top of my lungs (you’re welcome planet earth). Where was I going with this….? Oh yeah, I don’t do a ‘genre’, I go for a vibe **she types, safe in the knowledge it makes her sound like a massive massive douchebag**. But it’s true – if it fits the mood, it’s in. Whether the output of Big Narsty (literally no clue what that is) or Big Country.

Last month we were invited by a kind of awesome cousin slash drummer to go see him play with Pete Tong (leave it) and the Heritage Orchestra with Jules Buckley. I really like the cousin, I really like all the music and I can survive Plymouth when required to so we hot footed it down to the Hoe and readied ourselves for the rave of all raves.  I did spend the time before we left the house hooking out my anorak – because al fresco UK – and YouTubing the hell out of The Heritage Orchestra.  Turns out that no amount of having to sit through that Clear Blue ad without being able to skip, did the HO justice.

Pete Tong and the Heritage Orchestra
Pete Tong and the Heritage Orchestra

Ibiza Classics haven’t been my jam for a decade (and a half) but the whole thing was incredible.  35,000 steps, a very tight pair of hamstrings and a Wurzel Gummage do to rule them all later and I can honestly say I have never danced so hard, cared less about the rain or had such smile induced faceache as I did down on the Hoe.

The combo of a shedload of absolutely stonking dance tunes and a full orchestra was nothing short of incredible.  The 65 piece were more than a match for the thumping beats and vaguely epilepsy inducing light show*  we hopped our way through symphonic renditions of Galvanize, Lola’s Theme, You Got The Love, Insomnia and so so many other songs from an occasionally misspent youth. Highlights were probably Right Here, Right Now, the string intro of which was really beautiful and the encore Out of Space which conjured up all the memories and sounded unbelievably good**.

If you get the chance, you HAVE to go see Pete Tong (who definitely has a grotesque painting of himself in a loft somewhere) and The Heritage Orchestra with Jules Buckley. I can’t recommend it less coolly or more emphatically enough. I’ve given serious consideration to jacking in real work to carry someone’s tambourine around the world with them. The vibe man, it was all about that vibe.

Also, I may be have a teeny tiny crush on Jules Buckley. Like miniscule. Crushette if you will.

*that right there is the most NME I’ll ever be. Let’s have a moments silence for how damn cool I am. 

**the drummer had some skills too, he should consider going pro.