Saturday Snapshot Eighteen

Snapshot EighteenI do know how beautiful my home town is. I try very hard most days not to be a smug so and so about it. Today I’m failing just a hundred percent.

Seriously though, have you ever seen a sky more blue? A richer, darker sea? A Mr Whippy licked into such perfect non-drip territory? I scoffed this Mr Whippy by the sea whilst catching up with a very lovely friend I haven’t seen in far too long. Today has been a goooood day.

We also made our third video offering. Three is a habit, three kills makes a serial. Yeesh.

Being More Dog
Life #Lategram
  • Dee

    It’s official. I now want that ice-cream. Oh, and your dog! LOL! xx

    Dee |

  • Saskia

    “Pete, are you a lover? Yes you’re a lover” …Pete looks away.

    Loved watching this video! Your dogs are adorable.

    Saskia /

  • Excellent tagging – more people should tag Kerri. I make it my mission to always tag her now :p Beautiful dogs, my parents have a working cocker who we love!

  • Kelly Michelle

    ice cream with a killer view…you’re living the dream!


    Around the World in 80 Pairs of Shoes

  • That picture is just perfect, enjoy it and feel smug. Why not?

  • Aw it does look so beautiful where you live, I really want a Mr Whippy ice cream now too aha!

    The Velvet Black // UK Style & Beauty Blog

  • the sky and the ocean look beautiful! Hope you are having a nice weekend!

    Jessica |

  • This is such a lovely photo and where you live looks gorgeous! And definitely makes me wish I was at the seaside and not London today. Also I have to say your dog is adorable 🙂 x

    Charlotte’s Road

  • Lovely photo, and the colour of that water is gorgeous! Loved your video too, so, so cute! – Tasha

  • Torbados may be nice–and it does look rather spectacular today–but do you have loads of beautiful hot air balloons floating over your house? I think not!! Maybe we can just agree that the South West is best!

  • Kerri

    Stop conspiring against me!

  • Never!!!

  • Kerri

    Ice cream by the sea, can’t really go wrong.

    I might just do the furry friend tag, I need to note down the questions and get Pork Chop to sit still for photos. I’ll find the questions first…

  • Em

    I genuinely can’t wait for ice creams on cliff tops in Cornwall later this month. There is nothing better at all. Was it just a mr whippy or a 99? Please don’t disappoint me say you didn’t have the flake!
    And that video. So cute!

  • That ice cream photograph sums up British summer perfection!


  • Lisa and Stella

    LOVE! & the word you’re looking for is woogle! xox

  • You may have both, for a while. I’m going to need the ice cream back at some point though…
    M x

  • Ha, Pete lives to make me look a tit!
    And thank you, they make people like me more…

  • They are bloody brilliant (even if I do say so) and yes yes yes. Yes. My campaign to see Kerri on film is gathering speed. That sounds a bit weird but I think it’s what we all want.

  • It was a pretty damn good day

  • It was the most beautiful little moment, life is not too shabby down south!

  • Did you get one?? Have you had one in the hideously long delay between commenting and my reply?? GET ONE!

  • Thanks Jessica, it was such a beautiful spot!

  • Thanks Charlotte, it’s days like that that make me feel oh so lucky in life!
    M x

  • Thanks Tasha, it was a glorious colour right?

  • Ok, I’ll concede defeat to the hot air balloon bonanza. South West IS best.

  • Oh sweet jesus DO IT. But make up new questions, those were shite. And maybe get a stunt double hamster?

  • I’m ashamed to report that it was not a 99. I was 5p short for a flake and they were mean!!

  • When it’s good it really is fantastic huh?
    M x

  • I KNEW you would know!!
    Merci buckets xx

  • Beautiful!

  • Absolutely – I have been tagged twice lately. I think we all know what I have to do.

  • Kerri

    I’ve already wrote it now haha – I’m sticking with the shitty questions!