Saturday Snapshot Fifteen

First Vlog

Good day and merry Saturday to you. After bringing back the Saturday Snapshot in a blaze of glory and a flurry of trumpets, it disappeared quicker than the last cheese and pineapple on a stick at an old school family shindig.

So, here we go again.

I was about to say that this one’s self explanatory but that would be bullshit! I’m spending today eating potentially magnificent burgers and committing to my first ever vlog. We’ve I’ve (must remember that dogs aren’t people) tried before and chickened out and Pete’s face is not filling me with abundant confidence about this one either but we’ll go with it. Yep, first vlog (maybe only vlog) coming soon.

What are you doing with your Saturday?

Saturday Snapshot Seventeen
Red Shoes
  • Steph

    The timing of this photo is absolutely amazing haha! Looking forward to tuning in whilst eating my weight in Doritos a little later on!

    Steph xx

    Lay It Bare

  • reneejessome

    haha love that photo! Can’t wait too see the vlog!

    Renee | Lose The Road

  • Haha this photo is amazing – so funny, I love it!

    Uncia and Tigris

  • Love this photo!

    We spent Saturday chickening out of singing in front of 2k people (well, I chickened out last week but Dave helpfully clucked as we drove past the festival), hunting for Shaun the Sheep around the Harbourside and falling down some stairs. I have a huge bruise on my butt, but had a great day nonetheless.

  • Stephanie Dreams

    Oh my gosh! Where is your vlog, I need to see it!
    And sorry….what do you mean dogs aren’t people? *confused face* x

  • Sally Crangle

    OOOOH VLOG!!!! this i am jolly well excited about!!!! I have not even tried to do another since my silly bike ride one last Summer. My camera isn’t the best for filming properly. It is something on the to-do list though as i always thought i wasn’t really in to watching them. No amount of videos of people showing me how to apply the perfect cat-eyeliner flick can help me – trust me! But then a few of my favourite lifestyle bloggers had popped together a few and being the nosey bean that i am, i flippin’ loved them!!!

    Love this photo!!! Bless! That little fur-ball has serious attitude!!!!

    Sal x

  • Haha, this photograph is amazing! What a fun moment to capture. Excited to see your first vlog as well!


  • Kerri

    I love the photograph! I also like the sound of this vlogity vlog vlog… maybe if you do one, I’ll do one… but mine would be shit and yours will be better, that’s how I imagine it.

  • Em

    No no no no no. Dogs are people – never forget that. (or all that chatting you* do to them when you’re alone in the house is bordering on crazy………)


  • LOVE this photograph. And yes, dogs are people. You can say “we”

  • I could get on board with some human sized dorito consumption!
    M x

  • Thanks Renee!! Because I’m so far behind on comment loveliness there are now two vlogs out in the ether – have you seen them? Scariest thing I’ve done in an age!
    M x

  • That dog steals my thunder. Always.

  • Can I come Shaun the Sheep spotting with you? I think it’d be ok for my to weedle my way into family sheep spotting time yes? Yes.

  • Haha, I read the post back and wondered what I’d been on about too. OF COURSE they are!!
    And the vlog is out there now….along with a second one! So scary – don’t know how you do it every week!!
    M x

  • Ha, he is all about the attitude…and making me look like a spanner at any given moment.
    I loved your bike ride vlog, like completely adored it – it was different from all the videos I’d watched. Can we even call them videos? Does that make us ancient…? Yup!
    M x

  • Thanks lovely! It’s out there now so hopefully you’ve spied it. Scariest thing I’ve ever done I think!!
    M x

  • We’ve already discussed the vlog so we can agree my first effort was shite and my second a little over edited. BUT I’ve learnt stuff and that makes my brain feel useful. Which 99% of the time it does not. Win.

  • I know, I know, I was just a bit drunk when I said it I think. I have some of my best chats with Betts.
    True story.

  • Haha, I love that THAT is what most people have taken from this – OF COURSE they’re people, I was trying to play it cool. Fail.

  • Absolutely! We haven’t been sheep spotting since as our weekends have been packed (and I foolishly promised that we’d do them all with Dave), so there’s plenty for you to see 🙂