Saturday Snapshot Five

Saturday Snapshot Five

No, YOU forgot to put the poo bags further out of shot. It’s really friggin hard to be pretentious with these hounds around.

Merry Saturday to you. This week has been long and hard (that’s what she said) so this morning I’ve been restoring my soul through the holy trinity of chai lattes, chatters with friends and dancing around the kitchen to Mariah Carey, no regrets. But before that, the obligatory beach walk with my favourites because the sea wins, always.

And you and Saturday?  How’re you recovering from the week that was?

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  • I love chai lattes too! Always very restorative 😉 Had the best one yesterday which was a great Friday treat. Currently putting together furniture and feeling very handyman (I’ve got my electric drill out!). It’ll be nice to have the chairs though!! xxx

  • Hahaha! Dogs can be so hard to photograph 😛 but they bring so much love! My parents’ recently got a puppy! He’s adorable, I’m already going back to visit next weekend :’) this week was also long and hard for me (hehe) with lots of revision… basically my life until end of May now! x

    Amber Love Blog

  • Damn, I love this shot. You’re looking very hip. I’m jealous, I never look that hip. Maybe I need to get a dog or something.

  • Hazel Jane

    I love your Saturday snapshots! This one is so cute too, I love a beach walk. Chai tea and singing is definitely the best cure for a hard week!

    Hazel xx

  • Em

    My Saturday was spent doing jobs. Cleaning the never ending dust from a never ending house rewire, picking up coats from the menders, washing clothes, with the odd break for a puppy walk.

    (& On the poo bag front, we’ve started buying scented nappy bags instead. They’re cheaper and smell pretty!) X

  • Rachel Foster

    I’m so with you on the nappy bag v poo bag front! 35p for 300 at Tesco, it’s magnificent!

  • The healing power of cinnamon eh?? Always a winner.
    And check you out getting your DIY’ing on, having something you made all by yourself at the end is so ridiculously lovely!
    M x

  • I’ve seen the puppy (the pup is Dobby yes?? Or IS THERE ANOTHER!!?)
    I’m already in love.
    Happy revising-or at least good luck!
    M x

  • The sea definitely does always win, hand down every time! 🙂 Alice xx

  • Not too shabby a shot for an iPhone self-timer jobby. Piles of poo bags aside.
    My favourite bit is that I wasn’t trying to be hip and aloof – I got distracted by Betty chasing a seagull.
    M x

  • Thanks Hazel, they invariably contain dogs and sand and I’m good with that!!
    M x

  • You my friend are a genius. Nappy bags! Good call.
    That sounds like a very grown up Saturday. So adulting, very grown upness.
    M x

  • I need to get on this. How am I not already on this?

  • So true my fellow Devonish, so very true. I do not miss city living in the slightest and every time I’m by the sea I remember why!
    M x

  • My ultimate life goal is to buyt a houseby the sea so that I can look out on it every day. If/when that eventually happens I’ll be a very happy lady! xx

  • Yes it is Dobby! Not another puppy just yet 😉 though Mam already can’t wait to get a boxer puppy haha! Thank you lovely!