Saturday Snapshot Four

Saturday Snapshot 4That’s twice this week that the sun has stuck his hat on and rendered all Instagram filters utterly useless: not unlike Teletubby Land (without the TERRIFYING baby) or somewhere Bilbo and Frodo might hang their hats. Twice that I’ve been on my own wandering adventures trying to take pictures of early crocuses and daffs and snowdrops. Spoiler: there are none¬†because every time I bent down to get a cheeky picture to stick on Instagram with a witty caption along the lines of ‘It’s ALLLLLLIIIIIIIVVVVVVEEEEEE!’ the spaniels took that as in invitation to wrestle me violently into the mud. They ruin all my friggin fun.

Still, sunshine and having to hot wash all of my earlthy posessions has been the best way to procrastinate myself through revision.¬†It’s been a good week, Dr Google aside.

How’s yours been?

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