Saturday Snapshot Nineteen


No clouds, no coats, just a beautiful warm, sunshiny, not at all autumish day. A day on which there’s  not a single place on earth I’d rather be than beside the sea with this beauty (and some humans obvs, I’m not a crazy dog lady…yet).

A very good Saturday to you.

*Tips hat*

*Looks smug*

Tips for Taking Photos of Dogs
  • Josie’s Journal

    There is nothing happier than a dog on the beach! Even my wimpy dog loves the sea x

    Josie’s Journal

  • Great photo. This is what leaving the office on a Friday feels like!

    x Sile

    Any Idle Sunday

  • Amazing photo, I love the pure joy on that cute face. x

  • Stephanie Dreams

    It’s been such a lovely Weekend. We managed to get to a country fair yesterday, and Sev was put to shame by all the wonderful working dogs. Today, I’m sadly at work though, so looking at the sun out of the window xx

  • reneejessome

    It’s definitely starting to feel like autumn here! I think my days by the sea are over for another year. Great photo!

    Renee | Lose The Road

  • Anna

    I only see one beauty here….where is the other beauty? 🙂 xx

  • Wow that photo is gorgeous! I love how the splashing water is sparkling in the sun – looks like glitter! haha x

    Sinead | GIVEAWAY – imPress Nails

  • Em

    Take your smug self back to that beach. My jealousy is hard to contain!
    And lovely shot. YOu’re getting good at this dog photography thing aren’t you! x

  • Samantha

    Such a brilliant capture!

  • Sam

    This is so brilliantly captured! I love it when you manage to take such an ‘in the moment’, natural shot x

    Sam // Samantha Betteridge

  • Kerri

    Nice photo.

    Follow for follow?

  • Lisa and Stella

    Why I do declare that’s a flying Betty! Cracking photo my girl; will let the smugness pass, just this once! xox

  • Doesn’t it just? So full of joy!
    M x

  • She is never happier than when charging around getting filthy!
    M x

  • He was off digging his way to Australia!
    M x

  • I’m trying. Very hard.

  • Thanks Sam, I was super chuffed with it.
    M x

  • You there, do one.
    But yeah, sure. Here are links to my twelve million social profiles.

  • She’s never not flying! Bless her crazy little socks
    M x