Saturday Snapshot – The Revival

Saturday SnapshotI’m bringing back the Saturday Snapshot. Yep, been here before but I do like the idea of getting to the end of the year with a record of how I spent my precious weekends. It’s all part of trying to live a bit more deliberately, trying to make the most of every second of free time I get. Except for those days when only a Netflix binge and stuffing  cheese in my face will do, although if that’s what I need in that moment, it’s an equally valid way to pass the time. No, YOU’RE protesting too much.

After the first week back in the work routine we all blew off some steam at the beach this morning, mooching in an out of rock pools and scaring the hell out the seagulls.  Because that is life. Then home for soup making and whiling away the afternoon with a book and tea on tap. These little moments of intentional domestic mundanity aree some of my favourites.

What are you doing with your Saturday?

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