Saturday Snapshot Seventeen

Holiday Pete

Because although this is blatantly Pete in his jaunty holiday mode, the similarities between Pete and I are abundant this week: un-brushed sea salted hair, faraway stare, morning, noon and night time snoozes, dog breath.

We’re half way through our fortnight off, highlight reel below, hurrah!

What you won’t see in the vlog is my offensively bad Geordie accent (cut that out didn’t I? I’m no fool), the pile of books I haven’t touched or the bags under my eyes from the lack of sleep because MICHELLE DOESN’T SHARE BEDS. With dogs anyway, wriggly little buggers.

My second week promises more snoozing, some lessons in stone skimming (it’s a life skill for the Devonish) and so very much more battenberg. I might try to write some things too.

How the bobbins are you?

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