Saturday Snapshot Two


Second Saturday Snapshot of the year – not quite a habit but we’re heading that way.

Stumbling across this sexy little scene on this mornings’ dog walk was a bit of a win. A timely reminder that when it feels like your week has been a tiny bit shite;  filled with poorly teenagers and grumpy spaniels and horrid conversations at work (and yes, I appear to be one of those ‘restorative power of the sea’ people you want to slap a little bit) the world isn’t so brutal.

How’s your Saturday? Let me know down there or hashtagging #saturdaysnapshot in Twitville.

Saturday Snapshot Four
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  • THIS is why I want to live by the sea. It’s all very well wanting to live and work in a city when I graduate but i’ve always wanted to settle down by the sea! It’s just so, so beautiful I swear nothing can compare!

    Imogen // imogenscribbles

  • reneejessome

    Gorgeous view! I love being by the water!

    Renee | Lose the Road

  • Beautiful!

  • Gorgeous.

  • Beccy

    I don’t think there is anything wrong with being one of those restorative power of the sea people when it looks like that. Beautiful photo! x

  • Em

    Send me some sea. Please. Or more puppies eating ice cream pictures.
    Your pups look far too smiley to be grumpy, I suggest swapping one for Flash and you’ll know what a real grumpzilla is 😉 x

  • we can be annoying restorative power of the sea people together. hope all the rubbish bits resolve soon, and the world becomes gentler. xx

  • Kerri

    Care to lend some of those restorative powers?

  • I have to say that I do miss the diversity and opportunity of the city but man alive do views like this any time I damn well please make it a no brainer. Good for my soul.

  • Isn’t it just? I feel very lucky every single time I get near the beach.

  • Thanking you, it was a gorgeous day!

  • I thank yow! Although I guess I can’t really take credit for the model.

  • Thanks Becs, it wasn’t too shabby a day really.

  • Ha! Just…ha. They’re not. They’re arses. I’d swap but then I’d have to choose….can open worms everywhere.

  • Thanks lovely, me too! The sea never fails to help.

  • A large bottle of sea winging its way to you this very minute.

  • Such a gorgeous photo! x

  • Thanks Heather, it’s easy when the model’s that hot!
    M x

  • Lisa and Stella

    Boo hiss to tiny bit shite weeks. I’m way too far from the sea so I get my restorative powers from trees. It’s all nature innit?! Hope the weeks are being kinder since, I’m currently shite at social networking! xox