Six Podcasts You Need In Your Life

podcastsBecause who doesn’t love a ruddy good podcast?  Here’s what’s been keeping my company on my morning dog walks and inter-county commutes*.

My Dad Wrote a Porno It’s exactly what it sounds like. Jamie’s dad wrote an actual erotic novel, it’s horrific. He reads it aloud whilst his mates Alice and James rip it to shreds. This one was recommended to me so many times before I delved into it and I’m so glad I did. It’s a proper belly laugher. Not for the faint hearted – it’s absolute filth – and prepare to have your sexual vocabulary extended, thanks Rocky.

TED Talks Like the video presentations, TED Talk podcasts cover all kinds of everything and they are always fascinating. Favourite episodes lately were What I Learnt from 2000 Obituaries, I Grew Up in the Westboro Baptist Church and Ashley Judd’s How Online Abuse of Women has Spiralled Out of Control. There’s something for absolutely everyone.

Hashtag Authentic Instagram superstar, fab blogger and Mark Hamilophile extraordinaire Sara is now nailing the podcast. Hashtag Authentic is full of real practical tips on improving your own Instagram experience and interviews with some really fantastic creatives. I always come away feeling inspired.

Can I Pet Your Dog Guys, it’s people talking about awesome dogs. There’s literally nothing else you need to know.podcastsThe Guilty Feminist Comedian Deborah Frances-White talks to all kinds of wonderful women about their own experience of feminism. And it’s all done in front of a live audience which adds to the fun. Hilarious, down to earth and empowering.

Desert Island Discs Yep, actual Desert Island Discs. Another podcast I’m late to but they’re all there to dip in and out of depending on what you’re in the mood for. All kinds of fascinating folk giving an insight into their little lives and favourite things. Some crackers are Ricky Gervais, Tom Hanks and Nigel Owens. So many people have told me to get listening to Caitlin Moran’s episode too, it’s on my list.

And yes, if you’re eagle eyed and really committed you might be able to make out that what I was actually listening to whilst taking the photos was the NextGeneration Planners podcast. It’s fantastic but unless you’re trying to break into a career in financial planning, probably a bit niche for the masses! Hashtag nerdtastic.

Got any faves?

*I think ‘inter-county commutes’ means I’ve peak adulted already this week. 

Wonderful Wednesday Fifty Eight
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  • I’m pretty new to the podcast club but I really enjoy The Guilty Feminist as well! Currently, I’ve just finished listening to Serial season 1 (I can’t wait to hear what happens) and I’m pretty into the Now Show and Unsorry. My Dad Wrote a Porno sounds like a cracker – I’m getting onto that next!

  • I so love Hashtag Authentic as well! xxx

  • I LOVE Desert Island Discs. Oee of my favourites is Noel Gallagher’s episode; the Dawn French and Davina McCall ones are worth a listen too. I so many recommendations for My Dad Wrote a Porno and always say to myself that it sounds like something I would find anusing but then forgetting all about it. This week, I am FINALLY going to actually download the bloody thing and have a listen. Thanks for the reminder.

  • I love the modern love podcasts which are actors reading out the Modern Love Essays from the New York Times. And I love delving in and out of The Lively Show and Being Boss xx

  • This is such a great post! I’ve never really listened to podcasts before so this is a great starting list, and I have to confess, your first recommendation made me laugh out loud, it just sounds so brilliant and naughty. I think Desert Island Discs sounds great too, I love it when they get guests on to just talk about all sorts of things, so will have to check these out. Thanks for the recommendations Michelle! Hope you’re well! – Tasha

  • Definitely saving this! Always after new ones to listen to!

    Hannah | Oh January

  • I probably listen to too many podcasts to be honest!! Been loving hashtag authentic too. Lately I’ve been enjoying Wine and Crime, and Science Vs – both really different but equally awesome!

  • Cat

    Bookmarking this! I adore Desert Island Discs and am always on the look-out (listen-out?!) for new podcasts to subscribe to. I’ll definitely be giving Hashtag Authentic and Ted Talks a listen. I can also recommend In Our Time – so many interesting topics to choose from, I love the history/literature ones myself! C x

  • I’ve never been one for podcasts but these sound amazing haha

  • I’ve been loving Hashtag Authentic. Slowly getting into podcasts, it’s like listening to blogs on the go.

    Natasha | The Night is Wild

  • I haven’t ever got into podcasts, but some of these sound brilliant. x

  • Emma Fisher

    Can I add All Killa No Filla to this list? Comedy and serial killers. What more could you want? I’m off to see them live tomorrow night too and very excited by this fact!