Socialising for Introverts

June 10, 2014

Aside from a pathological clumsiness I’m ok in social situations. I can pretty much talk to anyone about anything (occasionally I even enjoy it) but it’s not really my default setting. It may be a terrible blogger cliché but I think I’m a bit of an introvert. I can switch on the charm but in all honesty I’d rather be at home spooning with Pete. If you’re new here Pete is my swarthy, sexy, French lover – if you’re not new here, you shoosh up!

Big social events scare the pants off me. It’s the incessant small talk, the faux deep and meaningfuls, the constant smiling, the thought that my knickers might be on show, that I might fall over, that people will point and laugh, that I might spill red wine down the nice lady’s gloriously new white top…again, that someone will expect me to say the word ‘innovative’ which I just cannot do! And on it goes. Some of it is a good old fashioned dose of paranoid over-thinking but a not insignificant part of it is introvertedness. That constant interaction and getting know people is just bloody exhausting. Not because I’m a miserable cow but because I gravitate towards solitude. I’m an introvert and that’s ok.

Hell might also be these creepy guys.
Image Pinterest, words of truth are all Sartre’s.

There are other cheeky little signs that I’m more introverted than not:

Magnificent gif courtesy of Pinterest

Imagine my deep deep joy when I realised that on Saturday I’d be required to get out and about not once but twice in a day; South West Blogger Social first followed by a charity ball in the evening. But I survived. In fact I rather enjoyed it, it was wonderful to put real faces and voices to the lovely ladies I’d only cyberstalked come to know on t’interweb.  And other than an insufferably nosy table sharer, the ball was pretty good too.

But Sunday? Chronic tired bitch face. I needed recovery time. I shut myself away in the kitchen and cooked a roasted feast, alone. Except for Pete pestering me for attention.

At the most basic level, an introvert is someone for whom social interaction is knackering and an extrovert is someone who comes alive when in the company of others. We’re different but it’s ok, we’re also grown ups and I’m pretty sure we call be friends…just maybe not all the time.

Where do you fall on the intro/extro spectrum?

Bloody women
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