Spring Clean Your Life

spring clean your lifeI’m relentlessly cheery today, it could be sunstroke but there’s something about those first truly sunshiny spring days that just make me want to get my sh*t together and sort stuff out. All the stuff. That life admin that you just don’t have the time or the energy for in the depths of winter suddenly becomes infinitely possible.

I only really get the sorting-it-out feeling twice a year, Spring and early September with all the promise of an empty  (definite hangover from school life. This and that new pair of Kickers I treat myself to at the end of the Summer…)

With a super long weekend on the way and motivation levels at an all time sun kissed* high, here are some ideas on spring cleaning your little life:

Clear your wardrobe I don’t want to steal Marie Kondo’s thunder but just drag every last bit of it out there and start going through. If it doesn’t make you feel like your absolute best self when you wear or think about wearing it and if you haven’t had it on in six months, get rid of it. Give it to a local charity looking for donations or flog it on Ebay or Depop or whatever the cool kids are using these days.

Get seasonal Spruce up your weekly menu with some jazzy new season stuff. It’s the perfect time to step away from the heavy stews and the chilis and get some salads and springy stir fries on the table. Cabbage is so in right now, I have a cracking quick and easy satay chicken and cabbage salad recipe to share soon (nicer than it sounds, I swear!) Also, is there any better way to spend an hour than surrounded by your favourite recipe books with a mug of tea bigger than your head? Nope.

Set up a savings account In an absolutely ideal world you’d be putting away around 20% of what you earn every month whether it’s into a pot for a new sofa, a holiday or just your rainy day fund. Because I’m achingly rock and roll, my savings are currently split between my pension (insert rocking out hand emoji. right. here) and a Vegas (baby) trip. I’m conflicted, what can I say. Whatever you can afford to save, you’re most likely to succeed if you automate it to come out of your wages every month straight into a savings account. Of course, we don’t live in an ideal world and 20% might be a no go but there is something good for the soul about having the discipline to save regularly and even if you start really small it will grow quicker than you think.

Plan some adventures Big or little, near or far, it really doesn’t matter. Just make some plans. I want to explore much more of the UK this year, we’re off along the south coast in June, I’m thinking about Edinburgh later in the year and I may or may not be planning a cheeky little anniversary surprise for the old fella somewhere further south than we are.

Check your bills Prepare yourself, this may be the most hardcore thing I’ve EVER written: are you paying what you should be for your bills? Use any of the comparison sites to check (I think we used USwitch). It’s normally a pretty easy process and as long as you’re paying your bills directly, you can normally switch to a better deal even if you’re a renter.

Make a date with someone you haven’t seen for a while or someone you don’t see enough of. That person who just popped into your mind? Phone them right now. Or text them if you’re an awkward squid on the phone.

Dust your corners Not a clever metaphor mate, literally get on your knees and clear the dust from all of your corners, under the bed, behind the fridge. Get a decent playlist or podcast on the go and just get on with it.  Your world will be eleven and a half times lovelier.

Get Better at Something cooking, paddleboarding, roller blading if you’re stuck in 2001. Whatever. Make it your mission to use those lighter evenings to practice something that makes your heart sing. Mine is photography. Mine has been photography for a couple of years to be fair but this year I’m going to nail it. Stage one: photography book, garden, cup of tea, sunshine. Stage two: pick up camera. I hit stage one this weekend.

What’s on your Spring ‘to do’ list?

*if your motivation is stuck at drizzle level, feel free to spend the weekend cosied up inside with tea and books (cough a box set – try Line of Duty). It’s an equally valid way to spend four days.

This post is not sponsored by savings or seasons, just my own horrifyingly adult brain kicking in. FYI twenty one year old me wants to kick pension chatting me in the nuts.

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  • This is such a good idea! Thanks for the inspo, deffo going to be doing some of these this week! x


  • Appreciate the Day

    22 year old me equally wants to tell you shut up and drink in all this useful information as today I have finalised my accounts and feeling proud of my adulting!
    Also, Edinburgh is great. Love the city so much.
    Kate xx

  • Nice post. I hope you make it to Edinburgh – it’s magical x

  • Spring plus pre-baby nesting is making me want to clean and sort my entire life! Which, thanks to house renovations finally getting to a nearly done stage, I am. Though we’re about to embark on the kitchen which will see months of living surrounded by boxes of stuff again, joy! But at least hopefully it can all be done before the baby arrives. Fingers crossed! x

  • What a FAB post that is both hilarious (as always) AND super informative. I actually did sort out my wardrobe and life admin on Sunday and I was a happy lamb when my head hit the pillow on Sunday night! Cant beat Spring and the burst of motivation it brings! xx

    Lynsey || One More Slice

  • Cat

    YES to all of this 🙂 I have finally got my saving into gear this year and I am so proud of myself, pointedly ignoring the fact that it took me this long but hey, professional loans will do that to a girl! C x

  • Things on my spring to-do list include:

    Hoovering under the sofa (I checked, it needs it. Badly).
    Progressing to Puppy Three at the dog school (slightly hindered by a broken foot).
    Eat more custard.
    Teach Moxster (thanks for that, btw) to play fetch.
    Oh and get rid of that cobweb on the bedroom window (after my foot is less broken…).

    I guess I could get Kris to do some of these things, but then I’d have to wait too long.

  • Amy

    Ah, pensions, boring but important! I worked out the other day just how little mine is currently worth, and have upped by contributions. Made me feel all grown up!